Review: Cinderella (Ballet Manila)

Ballet Manila’s Cinderella is definitely one of their best! They exceeded all my expectations. What. A. Show.

This is my most anticipated Ballet Manila show because I am a huge Cinderella fan. It’s always Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast for me. I’ve watched all Cinderella movies that I know and I’m so excited to see my favorite fairy tale turned into a ballet show. Ang exciting lang.

And when I learned that this is Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s first major ballet choreography, I got real more excited. For sure, bonggels na bonggels.

I also follow Ballet Manila on social media and they kept on showing teasers of their props and costumes and everything. Grabe the anticipation!

So is it worth the wait and anticipation? SUPER!!

The show started with a dance on the woods with the animal friends of Cinderella. The birds. The frogs. And that very cute mouse. What a great show starter. Kasi the moment all those animals started dancing, wala na. My daughter was glued to the show right away. Hindi halos pumipikit eh.

Understandable naman kasi ang ganda ng costumes, ang ganda ng background, ang perfect ng lighting and the dancers are all superb! I swear, I did loads of burst shots and sabay sabay silang lahat! Wow!

And then Cinderella entered the scene and danced with the animals followed by her evil step mother and evil step sisters. Those three are hilarious! I swear! My daughter was laughing hysterically at them kahit walang dialogue. Tawang tawa sya sa gestures nung tatlo. Especially when they were being chased by the animals. Hahaha!

And I must say that the evil step mother reminds me so much of Lola Nidora. Bwahahaha! Kaya tawang tawa talaga akoooo!

Next scene was at their house. I must say that I love that fish-eye effect of their background. Ang ganda! I didn’t realize na ganun kaganda ang effect nya.

See? Dabah? Whoever did the production design is a genius! The effect is great.

See? I know my pictures didn’t do much justice to it but believe me. It’s sooo nice.

I also love the Karl Lagerfeld’ish character. Hahaha! I’m not sure kung fashion consultant sya o tagaturo ng etiquettes sa mga step sisters ni Cinderella. But their stint is really, really funny. I love that this show is not only visually beautiful with well thought of dance choreography, may perfect balance din ng comedy and kilig.

I was also shocked to see Lisa Macuja herself play the role of fairy god mother. Grabe! Di ko in-expect kaya ang saya saya ko. Iba padin kasi talaga sya. Iba padin ang prima ballerina.

Abigail Oliveiro who danced Cinderella is so great. I’ve already watched her on other BM shows and I must say that she is really superb. And Mark Sumaylo as the Prince Charming is sooooo gwapo. I was telling my friend Cons nga na ang gwapo gwapo ni Prince Charming. Tapos sabi ko, sana naman di sya bading kasi mabobroken heart talaga ko. Then later that evening I learned that they are actually real life sweethearts. Ayiiii! Kaya pala may spark! Hahaha!

I have a little kwento, there’s this part where the Prince Charming went to the audience and made them try the glass slippers. My daughter stand up on the chair’s arm rest and shouted “Me! Me!”. With gusto and so much enthusiasm. And Con’s daughter kept shouting “Si Skye! Si Skye!”. It was sooo much fun. Excited kasi talaga yung anak ko.

Kaso teh, since we are not on the aisle, nilampasan lang kami ni Prince Charming. After dumaan ni Prince Charming sa harap namin to go back on stage, as in literal na nag “walling” ang anak ko. Yung unti unting umupo tapos with tears streaming down her face, she said “What about me Nanay? What about me?”. OMG!! Napayakap ako kay Kakay. Muntik na din akong maiyak. My two year old daughter just had her first heartbreak!!! And she had her broken by no less than The Prince Charming!

Now as I think about it natatawa nalang ako especially while telling the story to my friends and her Ninangs. But I swear!!! At that moment, parang ako din yung na broken heart. Gustong gusto kong harangan si Prince Charming para pilitin syang ipasuot sa anak ko yung lintek na glass slippers na yan!!! Nyahahaha!

So to say that it was superb is an understatement. They definitely made sure that the audience would enjoy the show. It was made specially for children so they could learn to appreciate the art of ballet. And I’m so proud that people like Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and her Ballet Manila team is doing everything in their power to re-introduce the Filipino audience to ballet and theater.

My daughter’s generation is so lucky because they were able to experience it at a very young age. I remember wanting to do ballet when I was a kid. But my parents can’t afford. And I remember watching Lisa Macuja perform during her TV guesting and be so muched awed by her beauty and elegance and gracefulness and dreamt of actually watching her perform live. Now I did. And my daughter did.

So please, please. To my fellow parents, please make sure that you introduce your kids to theater. To the culture and the arts. Because it’s equally important to nurture their heart and soul.
You could still catch them this weekend – December 3 at 8PM and December 4 at 3PM. Both shows are at The Aliw Theater.

For more information about the shows, including ticket prices and schedules, you may visit the website or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tickets are also available through all Ticketworld outlets. Please call 8919999 or visit the ticket world website.

Here are some more photos from the show!

And here’s the #FabSkye’s #OOTB. Of course she has to be princess and wear her crown. :) Plus her matching silver shoes. Which she now calls her own glass slippers. Teehee!

When: 26 November 2016 (Skye @ 33 Months)
Where: Ballet Manila’s Cinderella at The Aliw Theater
What: Dress: Periwinkle | Shoes: From U.S. | Tights: SM Department Store | Crown: From Divisoria

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