Ballet Manila Presents: Cinderella

This is probably my most anticipated Ballet Manila production this season – Cinderella!

I love Cinderella. She’s my favorite Disney princess. So to see this original production, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s first full-length choreography no less, makes me so giddy! Definitely an important milestone for Ballet Manila and Philippine Ballet as a whole.

You can catch it on November 25, 26 and December 3 at 8:00 p.m. and November 27 and December 4 at 3:00 p.m. at the Aliw Theater.

According to Ballet Manila:
A production that combines theatrical comedic elements, modern live special effects, and romantic classical scores, Ballet Manila’s version of Cinderella puts a lighter comical spin on the well-loved classic, whilst keeping intact all the elements that make it so magical.

“Modern, witty, romantic, very funny, but still every bit magical. It’s Cinderella as you’ve never seen before,” shares Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. “I want to create a ballet that appeals to all audiences. I want it to be a really light and happy ballet where kids will laugh out loud and the grownups will have a great time listening to children’s laughter. I also want the romance and magic of this story to come to life and make the audience remember the power of love.”


“I have always focused on the technicalities behind every show we do; making sure that the ballerinas and danseurs get all the right movements, that their bodies’ angles are precise so that they don’t injure themselves, and that every move they do go with the rhythm of the music. This has always hindered me from doing much choreography. However, for this one, I really made time to make sure we put together a ballet that is world class. When I actually started creating the choreography, Osias said that I looked so on fire in rehearsals that he decided to let me run with it– giving me the opportunity to run the show.”

“It took time. But to be honest, I had such a ball choreographing this ballet. We know what we wanted from the very beginning, and that is to create a magical experience that’s light and entertaining,” Elizalde adds.

In addition to seeing the first major choreographic work of the country’s most celebrated prima ballerina, audiences should also look forward to the many magical moments that Ballet Manila has infused in its production of Cinderella. Included in these scenes to watch out for is the transformation of Cinderella, which called for Ballet Manila to tap international live special effects specialists to create. There is also the Spring Ball, which according to Lisa, will be “everything a royal ball should be”.

“I wanted to tell the story of Cinderella and make the audience laugh and love. What better way to celebrate Christmas?”
If that doesn’t make you excited, ewan ko nalang! Follow their official hashtag #cinderellabybm to see how they are preparing. Ermergerd talaga! I’m just so excited to catch this show. And I’m so excited to see the face of my daughter light up once again because this is a combination of all her favorites – Princess, Ballet, Tutu and Music.

For more information about the shows, including ticket prices and schedules, you may visit the website or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tickets are also available through all Ticketworld outlets. Please call 8919999 or visit the ticket world website, for more information.
See you there!!!

** All photos are c/o Ballet Manila Philippines. All information from their official Press Release.

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