My Passport Sized Macata Traveler's Notebook

Hello, hello! How's your weekend so far my dear #ReigningReaders? Nakatulog ba kayo? Sana!!!

You all know that for 2017, I decided to ditch my Starbucks sticker collection yearly panata because I officially switched to Traveler's Notebook. Read why I did the major switch here.

Ever since I got my Macata, aligaga na talaga ako. My friends know this. Hahaha! I kept on flipping through my Macata and I kept on showing them stuff I want for my TN. Sabi nga friends ko di na daw ako makatulog. Hahaha!

I want stickers, stamps, colored pens, inserts, folders, charms, etc. etc. I wish I am artistic and I could draw or do calligraphy. Kaso waley, make up lang ang art ko. The thing with TNs is that you could customize it so much na nakakaloka talaga. Parang I want them all, pero di kaya ng powers ko. Harhar!

The folders and inserts are kinda expensive too. Although the best part is if you are resourceful enough, it's best to DIY. I was able to fully setup my TN without buying anything except for the passport notebook inserts. I just opened my box of accessories, old planners, old PR kits and voila! All DIYd insert folders and charms. And it was so much better kasi since I made it, it was customized exactly how I need it. Now if only I could also customize the notebooks itself. Hihihi.. 

I am not super artistic kaya yung mga layout ko talaga, nakakatawa nalang. But keribels. My planner is my life. I use it to get organized and to have a little creative outlet. Pwede na yun.

On the video (please disregard the typo errors and wrong spellings, I didn't check it properly. I just published it and didn't save the project at all. Bwahahah! So I can't edit them anymore. Next time, I'll be better with this VLogging thing promise), you'll see the folders I did and the stuff I DIYd. Ang sarap, sarap hakawan at tingnan ng planner kong naka setup. At least this time, lahat sila usable na for me.

Nakakaloka lang because I am so addicted to these craft craft thingy. We went to Divisoria yesterday to look for the #FabSkye's Miss UN costume. Umuwi kami ng luhaan kasi walang costume for my 2 year old pero masaya ako kasi I found lots of nice washi and stamps. Sabi nga ng asawa ko, kunwari lang daw ata ako na Miss UN ang purpose namin. Para daw kasing pang DIY talaga ang ipinunta ko dun. I'll show you my haul on IG. Ang mura mga bes. Naloka aketch.

I'll use #ReigningPlans for my planner stuff. My favorite local planner is #PlanningforPleasure queen, Janice. Don't worry, nag IM na ko sa kanya na kokopya ako from time to time. Bwahahaha! Just making it official here in the blog. Baka kasi sabihin nyo, rant ako ng rant about plagiarism and kopyanera (meron ba nyan?) tapos ako din pala. Sorry bes, pag ako nangopya, nagpapaalam ako at/or sinasabi ko sa mundo na kinopya ko lang to. I link the source on my post, I say where I found it and I use quotation marks to indicate that the idea is not originally mine. Ganern dapat. Pak! Wag ng mag-deny. Obvious bes, obvious.

Anyway, I need to blog pa. Ermergerd. Abot langit na naman ang aking pending posts. And also, I'm moving to another project. Been on my current project for 6 years. Kumbaga, kabisadong kabisado ko na to. Moving to a new territory na super new talaga kasi it's a totally new project by the company is both exciting and nakakatakot. Oh well, I have until the end of October to wrap up my tasks for my current project. Buti nalang talaga, may taglay akong katamaran noon pa. I share tasks, I delegate, I train people. So ngayon almost no transition because almost everything was already transitioned dati pa. Oh diba? Ganern dapat. Wag madamot. Share your knowledge. Hahaha!

O sya! Busy aketch. I just did this singit video because...because I want to! Yay! Wala nga to sa planner ko. Hihihi..

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