#WriteBeautifully with Macata Traveler's Notebook

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I’m a planner girl. Every year, I would religiously gulp down X amounts of coffee just so I could get a planner from my favorite coffee shop. I use my planner to fix my schedule. I need to write down my meetings, training and To Do’s on my planner else, I’ll go crazy. Once, I even missed a meeting because it was not written on my planner. Harhar! My team mates are aware of that crazy side of me. They know how I heavily depend on my planner to function properly.

For years, I would usually just live with the fact that my planner is pre-designed for me. I tried to check out other planners but it was crazy. Those I really liked are super expensive while the others don’t fit my needs and personality. So I would just usually pray to all the coffee goddess that my coffee shop's next planner layout is perfect for moi.

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Traveler’s Notebook

Then I was introduced to the wonderful world of Traveler’s Notebook. Basically, a traveler’s notebook is a design-it-yourself planner. All you need is a cover, some inserts and bands or elastics to keep your inserts secure. You can add accessories to it too. There are loads of Traveler’s Notebook in the market today. But my first ever one is a Macata.

What is a Macata?

The Macata
is a traveler’s notebook created by CN Paper Crafts. It's a loally made product. #LoveLocal 

It’s a play on the last names of the owners of CN Paper Crafts and according to them they loved it because it also sounds like the tagalog word – Makata, which means a person who writes poems.

CN Paper Crafts are co-owned by Nissan and her boyfriend Christian. Aaaawww.. #RelationshipGoals #ijusthavetomentionthatyahknow

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I got the Passport Sized Tan Macata Cover. I love the color. And feel of the faux leather. It feels super sturdy. But I guess even if it got some scratches or dents in the future, it would only make my Macata even prettier. Signs of wear and tear would actually give this planner more character. So I’m excited to use it even more.

I specifically love the size. I fell in love with 2016 coffee shop planner because of it’s size. I love that it’s small enough to be carried everywhere.My Moleskine planner is perfect for my everyday bag. It’s also not too heavy.

One Macata Cover can hold up to 4 inserts. But you can specifically request for a wider Macata if you are one of those planner addicts who want a bulky planner. Mine is just the regular one because aside from not wanting a big planner, I also don’t like bulky ones. My old planners are too big and heavy for me.

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My first insert is the Weekly Vertical without Notes in 100gsm cream paper. I love this paper specifically because it’s thick enough for me but not too heavy as well. One of the things I don’t like on my current planner is the fact that the papers are too thin. I’m a G-Tech user so imagine how crazy it was. Ink marks are left on the other side of the paper. Not really pretty.

I also like this layout because I plan to do BuJo full time on this planner. I guess Bullet Journalling is really me because I’m a task based person. I really have to write my To Dos within the day to keep me going. Else, I’ll end up doing not so important stuff. I also love ticking off tasks. I feel so accomplished. Following BuJo would make my life a lot easier. Actually, I think I'm already doing BuJo subconsciously.

My second and third inserts are blank ones. One is in 70gsm white paper while the other is in 100gsm white paper. Even the 70gsm paper is thick enough for my G-Tech, so double yey!

I plan to get a dotted insert, a kraft folder for my receipts and probably another printed insert. I am super in love with my Macata that I can’t wait to try them all. You can check out the CN Paper Crafts webpage for more insert options.

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The best thing about Traveler’s Notebook is the customization. Aside from the different inserts they offer, you could also get a charm of your choice. I got the clock charm because, well because it’s my planner. I want it to be a constant reminder that time is gold. Aside from the charm, I also added a simple paper clip that doubles as a pen holder.

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I also moved some of the stuff from my old planners to this one like the pins in front and the beautiful coffee cup bookmark. I am still looking at my old planners to see which ones I could recycle.

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I haven’t really designed my planner yet. I’m not really artistic, yah know. But I put small stuff here and there to make it pretty. I also want to get a ziplock insert for my receipts and I’m eyeing this really nice multi-pen from Pilot. When I had this planner all set, I’d probably show you how I did it. For now, I am looking for really nice washi tapes coz I want them all here. Harhar!

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It’s not yet January but I am already using this planner. I am writing some old poems here and some goals for 2017. So let’s see how it goes!

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And because I want you all to enjoy a Macata too, CN Paper Crafts generously gave a special discount code for all of my readers and friends! Just use CNxCA code when you purchase your own Macata, and get a 10% discount for a minimum of 1000php worth of products.

Let’s all #WriteBeautifully with Macata Traveler’s Notebook. And let's all support local products like this one. #LoveLocal.

CN Paper Crafts

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