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Have you noticed the new look of my blog? Not really a new, new look but I've changed the color scheme of my blog. It's more, ahm, nude. Hahaha!

I finally said goodbye to pink because everyone's on pink now and I wanna be more, I don't know, maybe a bit more subtle? A bit monochromatic but not really black, white and gray. So I went nude and blush.

And I love nude. On make up, on outfits, on shoes. I guess that's the new "me". A little bit subtle. But certainly with ooomph. Very Kim K. Harhar!

Problema ko lang ang dami ko pang business cards na pink. Pero keri lang. Nyahaha!

So why am I blogging at this wee hour in the morning discussing my new blog color and all? Well, I just watched Frances' FB live where discussed the trends of blogging. And that got me thinking.

Frances is one of my favorite blogger because of her honesty and the wonderful way she writes. Very engaging. Very fun. Very mummy peg material.

And she mentioned something about getting a niche. When I heard the term, I laughed out loud and rolled over (ok, not really rolled over pero natawa ako talaga). NICHE! Ermergerd. That's something na wala sa blog na to. Bwahahaha!

Everytime people would ask me what my blog is - mummy blog? Parenting? Fashion? Ano? I always say, "oh it's just a random blog full of this and that". Halo halong kalamay. Iit has always been like this. This halo halong kalamay of a blog.

I guess that's why feeling ko wala akong solid followers. Alam mo yun? Feeling ko people reading me are just my friends. Swerte lang kasi i know a thing or two about SEO and web development so I was able to optimize this blog. Kaya medyo madami akong google hits. Hahahaha! Pero I feel like the engagements are kinda low.

But I get random emails from readers too and comments once in a while. Sometimes acquaintances and friends of friends would tell me they read me too so baka OA lang ako? Hahahaha!

Pero minsan din kasi I feel like dapat siguro I post less of the stuff I used to post and more of the stuff that my readers want. Of course alam ko kung ano yun because I see the numbers. Pero kasi mga ateng, gusto nyo yung parenting tips, breastfeeding chuchu, si Skye and ang KathNiel. Ay oo nga pala, bet na bet nyo din yung kilikili ko. Bwahahaha! Pero ang hirap naman kasi nung mga gusto nyo. Ang hirap mag parenting tip ah. Nyahahaha!

Pero bahala na nga lang. Let's see. Let's see san tayo mapupunta. Buti nalang din favorite nyo din ang #OOTB ng bagets ko. Dyan nalang kaya ako mag focus? Tutal madaling kausap pagdating sa photoshoots tong batang to eh. Hay! O sya, itutulog ko nalang to. Goodnight world!

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