How To Revive Dried Up Play-Doh

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The #FabSkye recently got addicted to play-doh.

She saw it on YouTube so when we visited the toy store a couple of months ago, she asked for a tub of play-doh. And since it was on 50% off that time, I got her two. She loves it so much she would always play with it. We even brought her play-doh tubs when they joined me on our company team building in Laguna.

The #FabSkye was very careful with her play-doh. She never mixed the clays and made sure that they are separated per color. Until a nephew visited our house and played with her beloved play-doh. Ayun! Pinagsama sama ang mga kulay. After that, parang nawalan ng  gana ang anak ko maglaro. She would say, “this is rainbow play-doh Nanay! I want a green one.”. Onga naman. Rainbow play-doh na yun kasi halo halo ang kulay. And so the play-doh was left on their tubs for weeks. When I opened it again, they are all dried up. And it’s very difficult to knead. Sayang!

I tried to spray some water on the play-doh and knead it pero ang hirap. Parang di enough yung water. Parang di nasisipsip. So here’s what I did to revive my daughter’s play-doh…

How To Revive Dried Up Play-Doh

  1. Break your play-doh into small bits.
  2. Spray liberal amount of water on each piece making sure that it was all wet.
  3. Place it on a tissue or cloth to remove excess water.
  4. Place it on a zip-lock and zip it up.
  5. Leave it overnight.
  6. Next day, knead it and enjoy your fresh and soft play-doh.
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I put ours on one ziplock because they are already mixed anyway. But I still try to separate them before kneading together. I suggest you put your play doh on a different ziplock per color so it’ll be easier to knead them after.

And voila! Fresh rainbow play-doh for the #FabSkye.

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