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As I’ve said on my previous post, I’ll make 2017 my “balik-appeal” year. Would seriously up my game on this whole appeal, overall look thingy.

I’m so done being chubby! I’m done being flabby! I used to be a fashionista. And before I got pregnant, I always promise that I won’t allow myself to be engulfed in this whole mummy look thing. But then look at me now! All flabs. All chubs. My clothes on constant repeat. And I wear the most unflattering set of clothes. This is sooo not me.

Now that the baby’s almost 3, I think it’s time to up my game. I think it’s time to invest on good clothes once again. Something that would fit the new me. For years, I’m at a loss on how to dress up this new frame. No more shorty shorts, no more revealing outfits. But I want to maintain the youthfulness. The fun. The subtle sexiness. I wanna bring my sexy back.

It’s difficult, but I should do it. For myself. Kasi honestly, nakaka-sad. Promise. Every time I’d look on my old photos, parang nasa-sad ako. In my head I was like, anyareh? I used to really love my body. I used to be super confident on my own skin. Well, yes! I am not super pretty or super sexy and my fashion sense is kinda off but I love it! I love everything about myself. I love dressing up because I know my body. Isang tingin ko palang sa top or sa dress, I know right away if it’ll fit me well. If I’d look good on it. Kung keri ko sya. But now, I’m always on shift dress and leggings and oversized top. My hair’s always in a bun. I’m either on rubber shoes or slippers. I don’t wanna say this, but I really look like a mum!! Not a hot mum. But a mum. Period. Ayaw ko nun. I wanna go back to my old self. Maybe a better version of me. But I wanna get my old confidence back.

Sa totoo lang, ayoko nga sana yung stereo typing of mums, pero wala eh. I don't know how to describe myself these days.

This year, I started with make ups. Next year, it’s gonna be my body and my fashion game. I swear!

I have to be happy and confident so I could mother my child well. I don’t want her to think that I’m not pretty anymore. I want her to know that a woman, a strong and happy woman could mother her child and be pretty and look good too. Ganun gusto ko.

Well I’m not saying that I have to be all out fashion again. Kelangan lang yung maayos na ako. Yung confident na ako. Yung mapapangiti ako pag nakita ko pic ko or sarili ko sa harap ng mirror. Miss ko na yun eh. Miss ko ng tingnan ang sarili ko sa salamin at ngumiti.

Oh well.

One of the major things that’s helped me learn about how to dress up my new frame are online shopping sites. I swear by them. I use them to know the latest trends. To learn how to mix and match stuff. Then of course, I try to imagine how each would look on my new, bigger frame.

For a working mum like me, actual shopping is really difficult. It’s time consuming and tiring. At least with online shopping, I could see different stuff all at once in the comforts of my home. Then I’d just see which once might fit me.

One of my favorite online shopping site is justcatalogues. Not only for fashion but for everything actually. I love it because they have everything all in one roof, errr site. :-P And it’s perfect!

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