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Have you heard of Safeguard Pure White Body Wash? Yes, our trusted brand, Safeguard, now comes in body wash form! And my family love it!

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I’m a Safeguard baby. Well, I was raised in the 90’s. Malamang Safeguard baby talaga diba? I don’t know any other soap except Safeguard back then. Yes, the one that can kill 99.9% of germs. Hihi!

Overtime, we got introduced to beauty soap, moisturizing soap, etc. But we still got a bar of Safeguard in the bathroom, always. That’s the only soap my father uses. Ayaw nya ng beauty soap or moisturizing soaps, maasim daw sila sa katawan. Di daw sya nalilinis. Even my husband use Safeguard. And usually, my friends use Safeguard first then follow it up with a beauty soap or moisturizing soap. Kasi there’s only one brand that we truly trust pagdating sa germ-fighting protection. Dabah?!

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When my daughter had rashes that eventually lead to infected wounds (because she would scratch them like there’s no tomorrow), her pedia advised us to make her use Safeguard White. And since it’s super hard on germs, I always thought that Safeguard is super harsh on the skin too. Aminin nyo. Kaya nga we follow it up with a moisturizing soap diba? I was hesitant at first to make my then 1 year old daughter use Safeguard, pero that’s what my pedia advised us to use so we had to follow. Plus we made my daughter use those super expensive soaps and body wash for her rashes and minor wounds already but they never go away. Pero sa Safeguard, ayun! They are all gone in a week. My pedia said it’s because the rashes got infected so we need a germicidal/antibacterial soap to treat it. Good thing I listened to my pedia.

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So when Safeguard invited me and my daughter to their Adventure Camp last October 5 at the Exploreum in Mall of Asia, I know I have to go.

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Safeguard prepared loads of fun games and adventure for my daughter and the other kids. Some fun firsts for our big kids like tying shoelaces, dressing up and going around the neighborhood. Muntik na kong maiyak eh. I can’t believe my daughter is growing up so fast. Where’s my baby again?! She was playing with the other big kids there and trying to keep up with them. Haaay!

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Aside from the fun games and adventure for my #FabSkye, Safeguard also prepared a short program where they discussed the importance of using a soap that protects our child and our entire family from germs like Safeguard.

The program was hosted by Mars Suzi. They invited a dermatologist and a child behavior expert to discuss the different aspects of child protection that, as parents, we must consider. They talk about how important it is to make sure that our child uses a germicidal/antibacterial soap especially those that are already going to school to protect them from viruses and sickness. The importance of teaching our kids hand washing and basic hygiene.

While the dermatologist talked about transepidermal water loss. Apparently, our baby’s skin, which is more sensitive, is more prone to transepidermal water loss. So it is very important to make them use a dermatologically-approved soap. And that’s my AHA moment!

Pwede pala ang Safeguard Pure White Body Wash sa big baby ko!!! Ermergerd. All this time I thought Safeguard is super harsh on the skin coz it’s tough on germs. But no! Apparently, it is so gentle on the skin that it doesn’t lead to transepidermal water loss. And they are perfect for kids because while they remove 99.9% of germs and prevents the regrowth of germs, they also maintain the skin’s natural germ barrier so that the germs do not stick easily. Kaya hindi na tayo maloloka everytime they crawl, jump, roll over the floor because we know they are protected. Hindi na din ako nabubuang sa pag aalala everytime she’s at school kasi I know whatever germs she’ll get from school, we could wash it out with Safeguard and she’s protected the entire day.

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Now, our entire family is using Safeguard Pure White Body Wash. Yes, even the #FabSkye. Dahil may chismis na naman ang anak ko. Her Tatay made her eat chickens for a week. Ayan! Lumabas na naman ang Skin Asthma. Ang dami na namang chismis. Buti nalang we have Safeguard Pure White Body Wash. Her wounds and rashes are all better now.

I’m also using it. And I swear, it’s not drying at all. I have super dry skin, so I would know. Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is gentle on the skin and non-drying plus really mabango. My other moisturizing body wash makes my kilikili maasim. Hahaha! TMI! But now, because I’m using Safeguard, no more asim kilig. Yehey!

Plus, using only 1 product for the entire family is very budget-friendly. Dati pag grocery time – 1 moisturizing body wash for me, Safeguard for Tatay and Skye’s baby wash. Ugh! 3 products pa on the bathroom. Now, only Safeguard Pure White Body Wash for all of us. My wallet is very happy.

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So thank you Safeguard for inviting me and my little family on that wonderful adventure camp. We learned loads of things and my family had a grand time.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720ml (PhP 219), 400ml (PhP 145) and 200ml (PhP 85). Super affordable!

** This post is brought to you by Safeguard. But all opinions and reviews expressed here are my own.

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