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I’m a stressed working mum. My workload is piling up like crazy. I’m transitioning to another project so I’m kinda lost at the moment. And I’m a mum too. There are butts to be cleaned, face and hands to wipe, little chatter to chat plus I have to cope up with this little snitch. Aside from parenting, I have to do loads of wife-ing too. Coz the husband is apparently, a bigger baby to take care of. Then I have to do some adulting, because well, because I’m an adult! I have practically no choice.

Those are more than enough to make me go cray cray!

And being artsy has helped me loads. Yes, I’m talking about adult colouring books.

They we’re a huge hit last year. Everyone’s on adult colouring books. I can’t blame them. It’s addicting and very relaxing. Not to mention very fulfilling too. Ang sarap tingnan ng colorful pages na ikaw gumawa.

I found a very nice site for adult colouring books – colouringbooks.org.uk.

They have the popular ones like celebrity, doodle, geometric, nature and tattoo. You could also search by author or by type. It’s easy to navigate and they really have loads of colouring book collections. It was crazy fun.

What I love about colouring books is that I also use it to bond with my daughter. She has her own colouring books and I got mine. We’ll colour together and have fun. I also borrow her colour pencils. Hihi!

Fellow mums, try it too. Super fun and relaxing.

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