Fighting Off The Big C

I think one of the most dreaded word ever is CANCER. The Big C. That one thing we all wish we'd never hear.

Para kasing, it's the end of the world na once you are diagnosed with it. You hear friends and family lose their battle with the Big C and it's making us all confused and scared.

But then I had the chance to talk with Fuda Cancer Hospital's Vice President Dr. Mu Feng and I was enlightened.

I learned a lot about the dreaded disease and how to prevent it. So I'm sharing it all to you!

Understanding Cancer

1. Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects women aged 40-60. Usually caused by a woman's hormonal change, this type of cancer is easier to manage as long as it is diagnosed early.
2. Cervical Cancer is another common type of cancer for women. Like breast cancer, it is easy to manage as long as it is diagnosed early. The Cervical Cancer vaccine is effective on girls who had it prior to being sexually active. So as young as 11 years old, you could have your kids vaccinated.
3. It is very important to learn how to do breast self-check. It is something that was thought to us during sex-ed classes in high school and I wish it is still being taught now. I've been doing self-breast check since I'm single because I've always been paranoid. That's also why I immediately noticed that little lump on my left breast that started to develop when I gave birth to the #FabSkye. I had that lump checked, was told that it looks like it's not the cancerous type but I was still advised by Dr. Mu Feng to have it removed. So I'm looking into that.
4. For 60 year olds and up, Lung Cancer is very common. Again, hormonal change is a major factor for this.
5. Main factor for cancer development are - age and lifestyle.
6. Fight off cancer by - exercising daily, limiting meat and fat intake and have an annual physical exam. Early detection is the key!!

Fuda Cancer Hospital

While we all don't ever want to get that Big C, fighting if off is now a little bit easier because of technology. It's no longer the end of the game. I guess that's one of my major take away after our conversation with Dr. Mu Feng, for him cancer is just another disease. Yes, it might be difficult to fully recover from it or remove it from your system but it is now easier to manage. Kumbaga, di na end of the world. May laban na!
Dr. Mu Feng - Vice President of Fuda Cancer Hospital
Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China is a specialty hospital that focuses on cancer treatment and management. While to hospital and all it's technology are based in China, they have consultation offices all over Asia. Here in the Philippines, it is on Centuria Medical Makati near Century City Mall.

They offer different types of technology in handling cancer aside from the usual radiation or chemotherapy.

But I guess one treatment type that really got me super curious is the Brachytherapy.


It is an iodine seeds implantation therapy. All of the information you need is on that picture above but in summary, this therapy uses small metal particles that is injected to the area where cancer is. Those small "seeds" would then produce short-ranged and low voltage radiation. Better because the radiation is focused on the area where cancer is.

We all know that the common issue with regular chemo is that it affects your entire body. It will kill cancer cells but would also kills some of your good cells causing hair loss and the likes. But with this, since focused ang radiation sa cancer cells mas effective sya at wala masyadong side effects. Plus the recovery is faster.

Fuda Cancer Hospital has a lot of expert doctors that ensures high quality of service. Based on their line up, di basta basta ang mga doctor dito. So you are sure that you will get the best treatment.

This treatment is best for pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, malignant glioma, breast cancer, cervial cancer, lymphoma, bone cancer, even brain cancer.

Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital is one of the best oncology hospital in China and is approved to do this kind of treatment. This is already being used in America as well. They have already completed nearly 10,000 cases of iodine seed implantation therapy and has been doing this for 10 years or so.

I am very sure that the next question would be the cost, and while we can't really put a cost on our loved ones lives, I honestly think that this is reasonable considering the type of treatment they offer.

Guidelines on How to Seek Treament to Fuda

Office Address:
Fuda Makati Satellite Office
Unit 901-A Centuria Medical Makati Building.
Kalayaan Avenue Corner Salamanca Street Brgy. Poblacion Makati City 1210

Office Hour:
Monday to Friday
9am to 3pm

By Appointment basis:
Please contact Mr. Segundo Cruz II (Fuda Coordinator)
Mobile: 0917 775 3426
Landline: 02 507 3426

Services Offered:
  1. Second Opinion Consultation 
  2. Free cost estimate for the treatment procedures in Fuda China.
  3. Assistance in Securing China Visa
  4. Assistance for round trip ticket issuance.
  5. Transport from the Guangzhou airport to Fuda Cancer Hospital in China.

Requirements needed for Consultation:
  1. Biopsy Test or Pathological Test Report.
  2. CT scan or MRI scans report.
  3. Medical Summary or Medical Abstract report.
  4. Other Cancer related reports.

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