Vita Cubes 2 Good Fun Day

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Last Saturday, our little family was invited by our friends from Vita Cubes for a 2 Good Fun Day at Active Fun BGC.

Just like last year, Vita Cubes prepared a fun day for the kids and their families. A small gathering of mums and dads and kids.

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Even before entering the event venue, the #FabSkye and I had loads of fun goofing around and taking pictures. I had to blur my face though. I don’t look decent. All wacky shots. Hahaha! But the #FabSkye’s too cute not to share.

We were entertained with a little magic show that’s a sure hit to the kids. My daughter was so amazed by the simple tricks. Nakakatawa talaga coz she was watching attentively.

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The #FabSkye also had loads of fun decorating the mini cake with whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows and Vita Cubes! After decorating, she ate them all. And in fairness, masarap ang cake.

Aside from that, we also had fun on the photobooth and the games prepared by Vita Cubes. The #FabSkye’s too young to join though. Ang dami kasing bibo kids who’s all eager to win. Di ko na pinasali ang bagets ko kasi baka matulak ng mga excited na playmates, eh maliit tong akin. Lugi ako. Hahaha! Anyway, she’s already happy just watching them.

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But of course, a small talk was prepared as well for us parents. My favorite mum blogger and mum peg, Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon was there to share her Vita Cubes experience and to let us all know a little bit more about Vita Cubes.

These cube-shaped jelly candies are not our typical jelly candies. They are so much better because they are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that are important for our growing kids. Aside from that, they also come in these yummy flavors – strawberry, mango, grape, orange and apple. I know they are yummy because I tried them all and has been eating non-stop. Sorry na!

Vita Cubes are fortified with Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C and E. All of those are soluble vitamins. Ano yun? It means, we flush them out if sobra na from the recommended amount or the amount needed by the body. So no need to worry about vitamin overdose. Hay naku! I was very thankful that Frances mentioned it. Kasi that’s her Vita Cubes story. Her kids are bugging her daw para ibili sila nun eh she doesn’t like coz she’s not a fan of vitamins that comes in candy form. Kasi nga naman, most of the time, since parang candies, the kids would want more. Eh di na pwede diba? Buti nalang daw her husband, Vince, reads the label. Hahaha!

Ako naman, buti nalang andyan si Frances. Coz we share the same dilemma. I was very afraid of giving too much kasi baka nga ma vitamin overdose. Eh soluble vitamins naman pala! Now we could eat more of these since they only cost 12php per pack.

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Actually, I didn’t give my child candies until she turned two. I followed kasi the principle of the first 1000days. So no sweets, salty, processed and junk food for my child until she turned two. So hindi talaga lumaki ang anak ko sa candies. But when she turned two, slowly nagiging lenient na din ako. I mean, she’s still a child. I want her to enjoy being a child. And anong silbi ng pagiging bata kung wala kang candy diba?

But at least, since we trained her to eat proper food early, ngayon kahit na nakakakain na sya ng candies and chocolates, she still eat veggies and fruits and rice and meat. Balanced meal! Hihihihi..

And well, I feel a whole lot better giving my child Vita Cubes. I also checked the label and they only contain 190cal per pack. Thesmall pack that contains 10-12 cubes. Di na masama diba? Nag panic nga ako coz I thought 190cal per cube. Eh nakaka one pack na ko. Bwahahah! I was doing mental computation, muntik na kong mag cart wheel. Buti nalang 190cal per pack pala! After ng 1 pack, tinigilan ko na. Kinabukasan ko nalang ulit nilantakan. Hahaha!

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Thanks Vita Cubes for that fun, fun afternoon. Sumakit ang balakang ko because after the program, Vita Cubes also treated us to a 1 hour of unli pay at Active Fun. Kalerkey! Muntik ako rayumahin. But my daughter is very happy. So thank you, thank you so much!

When: October 2016 (Skye @ 32 Months)
Where: Vita Cubes Fun Day at Active Fun BGC
What: Top and Leggings: Baby Gap | Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren

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