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Two weeks ago, we we’re lucky to get invited by our friends from PLDT Home on a night of songs with The Asia’s Songbird herself – Mrs. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

The Regine Series is a series of mall shows prepared and hosted by PLDT Home for all the Regine fans out there. They also made a series of landline phones named the Regine Series. Ang cute ng phones. Go check them out. I want the red one. Hiihi!

Anyway, at first I thought it’s just a mini concert but boy I was wrong. It seems like a full blown concert sa dami ng kinanta ni Ms. Regine.

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Guests like Michael Pangilinan (na ampogi pogi pala!) and Jonah are also there to entertain us. Grabe lang sa talent ang mga yun. Pag dating talaga sa kantahan, ibang levels ang pinoy.

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Before the concert proper, there was a little game for all of us and we had a chance to play with Baeby Baste and Nate Alcasid. Both are sporting their PLDT Smart Watch. Buti nalang we went home with one for the #FabSkye. Here’s our mini review of the Smart Watch for y’all.

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Overall it was such a fun event. Super thanks to PLDT for hosting this concert. It is a dream come true for me. Remember those times na puro concert nina Regine ang uso? I really want to watch her then. Grabe wala padin syang kupas. Hanggang bukong bukong pa din ang lungs nya. Even the #FabSkye had a grand time. She was singing and singing.

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I was able to record some parts of the concert on this video. The others are on my FB page’s live video. Enjoy!

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