Our Potty Training Journey


The #FabSkye’s potty training journey is not easy for me. Well, it’s not easy because I am NOT a patient woman. And those of you who knows me well would agree to that.

But if there’s one thing I learned from mothering, it’s that we have to understand and respect our children’s timeline. And well, it really pays off to just go with the flow. For your own sanity. Harhar!

The photo above was taken Tuesday, last week. The 30th of August. That’s the first time ever that she peed and pooped on her potty. A year after I introduced her to the idea of potty training.

Aroud a year ago, I bought her that potty seat and put it inside our room. I explained to her what it is for and we used her Baby Alive dolls for demo. I would also show her that I pee and poop in our “big potty” so she could get the idea.

During that time, she’s still not showing signs of potty-readiness. As in nada. Zip. Waley. But I figured that it’s probably because she’s always on cloth diapers (or disposables when we’re out) kaya di nya alam ang feeling ng basa. So a week after buying that potty seat and explaining to her how to use it, we tried to remove her diapers and make her wear panties in the morning. After her morning bath, panties na lang.

It was crazy. It was messy. And everybody here at home are against it. My daugther, whose around 1.5 years old won’t tell us that she wiwi. We’ll just know it because we’d feel that she’s wet. Ang panghi sa room. She would wiwi everywhere! But just after a day, may improvement naman coz then she would tell us na nagwiwi sya. Yun nga lang, she’d tell us AFTER. But still, major improvement already.

I’m sure that this potty training thing would be a lot easier if only people here at home are cooperative. Kaso hindi. Probably because its not the most convenient for them. Mas madali magpalaba ng diapers kesa magpunas ng wiwi at poop. Instead of following my instructions, which is to make her wear panties ONLY in the morning, they would make her use disposables instead. Akala nila, walang ebidensya kasi walang labadang cloth diaper. But I know my child too well. Wala silang lusot talaga. 

At first I would get frustrated. Totoo. Mas na frustrate ako sa mga tao sa bahay kesa sa anak ko. Coz I already anticipated the endless wiping of the floor, and the frustration. Ang hindi ko na-anticipate is that people here at home are not ready. Oo, sila pa talaga ang hindi ready.

So kesa mabuang ako sa kanila, I just let them be. But we still continue our potty training on weekends. But it’s still not as consistent because the #FabSkye has a swimming lessons on Saturday and we are usually out. Pero pag nasa bahay lang talaga, remove diapers sya pag kasama ako.

Thing is, while we are talking about potty training, I never forced her. I made a mistake of showing her my disappointment when she peed on our bed once and I noticed that she won’t wiwi if she’s wearing panties only. Pinipigil nya para di ako ma-disappoint. And that’s what made me realize why it is very important na siguraduhin natin na ang actions and reactions natin to our kids won’t affect them eventually.

Everytime we’d take a bath together, I would show her that I wiwi and poop on the “big potty”. Every night, I would ask her to sit on her potty and wiwi. Kahit na alam kong uupo lang sya at sisigaw ng done! kahit wala naman. Every weekends or pag nasa bahay, we would remove her cloth diaper and make her wear panties.

Little by little, she’s showing some signs of being potty-training-ready. Alam na nya pag basa sya. Marunong na maghubad ng panty. Kung dati kahit saan nalang mag wiwi, naging sa mga gilid-gilid na. She’s also aware and uncomfy pag may poops sya. Dati kasi, deadmadela.

But last August 30, she asked me to remove her cloth diapers paggising nya. Then we went to the mall (na isang tumbling lang from us) to buy something. She said she would wiwi daw. So we rushed to the nearby toilet kaso waley. Pinagod lang ako. By that time, sanay na ako. But still, never kong ni deadma yung mga ganong instances. Kahit na feeling ko, mapapagod lang ako, I would make her feel and understand that I take her seriously. Pero after nyang hindi mag wiwi, I would tell her in a soft voice na ay! Di naman pala mag wiwi? Tumakbo pa si Nanay. Are you sure wiwi ka?”. When she says no, uwi na kami. Feeling ko naiihi talaga sya kaso hindi sya comfy kasi buhat ko sya para maka-wiwi sa toilet bowl sa mall.

When we got home, I asked her again if she would wiwi. She said yes and removed her panties. Then she sat on the potty. By that time, sanay na ako. Uupo yan tapos wala naman. So imagine yung happiness ko when she showed me her wiwi!!! Hahaha! We jumped and I hugged her and I almost cried. Bwahahaha! OA na kung OA. Pero 1 year ko tong inantay. Hahaha.. Sa sobrang proud nya, binitbit nya yung potty and showed it to everybody. Until pilitin ko na kunin sa kanya kasi lilinisin ko na.

After that, I tried to put on her panties back kaso sabi nya wiwi sya ulit. So I said, okay. Sa isip ko. Natuwa ata sa wiwi kanina. Hayaan na. So she sat. I took a picture and hinayaan ko na. If you would notice mahaba ang top nya dyan. Naupuan nya ng slight. And yes you guessed it right! Nag poop sya and nalagyan ng poop yung dulo ng top. Pag poop nya, tumayo sya at nagkalat. Hahahaha!

But still, it was wonderful night for us. After that night, she would use her potty but not consistently. First because she’s on her diapers pag nasa school, so may mga “accidents” pa din pag nasa bahay. Although mas nagagamit na nya yung potty ngayon. Mas nagsasabi na sya. I still can’t proudly say na potty trained na talaga sya coz there are still some accidents nga but we are slowly getting there. Little by little. I am still not forcing her. And I would never force her. Keri lang! Anyway, she’s still my baby. And I am not the type of mum who would say that my child could do this and that kahit hindi naman. There is nothing wrong kahit na hindi pa potty-trained ang anak ko. I would have loved to pull a Jennica Garcia and potty train my child as early as 6months kaso hindi eh.

Times like these, feeling ko dapat SAHM nalang ako para mas nakakatutok ako sa mga ganitong bagay. But I am not. And I cannot! So we would make do with what we have and learn from it. I'm just so glad na kahit na busy ako with work, I could still proudly say that I am a hands-on mum. And that I was able to be a part of my child's every little journey.

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