Parenting Tip: Alaska Milk Drinks Are Perfect For Toddlers

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You all know that I am a breastfeeding advocate. And I really think that follow on formula milk for toddlers are not needed. Extended breastfeeding is sooo much better.

But since I have a toddler, I have to find ways to introduce her to much healthier options specially on snacks. I am very particular with the kind of food and drinks that I give to my child especially during her first 1000 days (pregnancy till 2yrs old). Coz according to recent studies, that’s the time that your child is developing so you want to make sure that your nourish her properly.

Now that the #FabSkye is more than 2yrs old, I’m still very picky with the food I give her. Hahaha! No concentrated juice drinks, no soft drinks, no hotdogs, no junk food. But I get easy with sweets.

And so I am always on the look out for healthy food for my child, but I also want to make sure that I give her yummy food because I don’t want to deprive her naman of her childhood.

And so when Alaska invited me for the launch of their partnership with Disney – Where Will You Be Today?, I got so excited.

Alaska is a trusted brand. I grew up with the brand. Plus every child loves Disney. So this one is really a perfect match.

Alaska’s milk drinks – Strawberry Yoghurt, Blueberry Yoghurt, Sweet Milk and Choco are the best. My toddler loved them so much. Plus she loves the Frozen characters on the pack.

The milk drinks are not too sweet but yummy. Since they are milk, they are definitely healthy. I would usually give her a pack as part of her afternoon snack or as a treat for being a nice girl.

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These Alaska milk drinks are super highly recommended. They are a part of my grocery list already. Go and try them out and let me know how was it!

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