Alaska X Disney: Who Will You Be Today?

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A couple weeks ago, I was invited by our friends from Alaska and Disney as they officially launch their much awaited partnership through a fun event and a block screening of Captain America: Civil War!

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It was a simple event full of prices, food and fun. Of course, Alaska milk drinks are overflowing! The kids at heart and the kids on the place are rejoicing!

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They gave away lots of Disney and Alaska products. I really want the Frozen costume but I guess that’s too big for the #FabSkye. I got a basketball ball instead, happy ReigningTatay.

Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (7)Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (6)Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (12)Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (11)

Alaska, in partnership with Disney and Marvel launched the new look of their latest milk drinks – Strawberry Yoghurt, Blueberry Yoghurt, Sweet Milk and Choco!

Each tetra pack comes with Marvel and Disney characters that our children would surely love. My Skye would ask for her “Elsa” or “Anna” or “Payderman” drink everytime! So much fun.

Aside from that, the back of the pack has a special toy. Just cut it out and make a mask or a tiara. Very fun DIY for mums and kids.

I’d have a separate review of the Alaska drinks but let me tell you this, my toddler loves it so much! As in.

You all know that I do not allow my child to drink formula or follow on formula drinks, but I let her have milk drinks like Alaska. These healthy drinks are great for snacks and is way much better than concentrated fruit drinks or iced tea or (gasp) soft drinks.

Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (2)

Right after the launch, we were all whisked away to the nearby cinema and had fun watching Civil War.

Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (5)
Team Iron Man or Team Cap? Help!
Alaska-Disney-ReigningStill-Civil-War (9)
Me and my new blog event partner, Ralph.
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Congratulations Alaska and Disney for this wonderful partnership. And thank you so much for making our kids happier. Now my toddler looks forward to drinking her Elsa milk. :)

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