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Diabetes runs in the family. And just recently, my aunt (Mila’s sister) was hospitalized due to diabetes.

And since I’m a mum and I want to be in tip top shape always for my child, I am now watching out my sugar intake. Mahirap na. I don’t have diabetes, pero aantayin ko pa ba magkaron ako nun bago ako kumilos diba?

So when I was given an opportunity to try out Sweet & Fit and be one of their online brand ambassadors, I immediately said yes.

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Sweet & Fit by Glorious Industrial & Development Corp. is made from organic Stevia plant known as a natural, and a healthier sweetener. Unlike our regular sugar, Stevia doesn’t contain the extra calories that we all do not like. Stevia plants are healthy sugar substitute because, well it’s sweet and healthy.

I’ve been using it for almost a week and I must say that I am loving it. Actually, I’ve switched to brown sugar and muscovado for ages because it’s the healthier option. But now with Sweet & Fit, I am sure that I am using the best. My coffees are loads yummier actually. I love Stevia on my coffee.

The best thing about Stevia is that, we can also use it in cooking, baking and everything else where we need sugar. Sooooo perfect for my sweet tooth. Akala ko talaga, I have to give up sweets na. Thanks to Stevia, I could still enjoy sweets without worry.

I am also on my journey to being healthy. And Sweet & Fit is one of my partners. You would definitely see me post more about this.

I also gave some packs of Sweet & Fit to my aunt with diabetes. Will definitely update you.

For now, let’s all stay healthy shall we?

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