Do I look like I'm 32?


Thirty two!!! Wooohooo!!

Yep. Yep. I am 32 today. Wala na ko sa kalendaryo, officially. Imagine that?!!

But I still don’t feel like it. When I was waaaaay younger, I always thought that being 32 is old. But I don’t feel old. I feel, like my old self actually. Only a whole lot wiser.

Just last Sunday, I was watching GGV with Angelica. I was thinking, “wow! It seems like ages when I last had a heartbreak.”

5 years ago, my life revolves around love issues. Finding the right one. Hoping that the person I am with is THE ONE. Then getting myself heartbroken. Then finding myself. Then learning. Then feeling stronger. Then wishing for strength. Then feeling broken.

Now, all of those seems irrelevant. SEEMS lang ah. I know naman that I had to go through all of those. Kasi kung hindi, I won’t be who I am today.

I am a mother. Kasama sa plano ko ang mag anak bago mag 30. And I had one. Nagsawa ako sa lakwatsa at gala when I was single. Nagsawa sa broken heartedness and tears. Nagsawa sa inom. Nagsawa sa party. Kaya ngayon, I could say that I am a better person. And I am ready to be mum.

At 32, ang dami dami ko padin kelangan malaman. But at 32, I am way way stronger. Yung mga heartbreaks ko pala dati, walang wala. Pero ladies, believe me! Kelangan nyo yun. Kelangan natin pagdaanan yun kasi yan ang magpapatapang sa inyo. Yan ang magpapabuo ng pagkatao nyo. Dyan nyo makikilala kung sino kayo. At dahil dyan, mahahanap nyo yung para sa inyo.

32. Wow! I still don’t feel like it. But wow! Sa totoo lang, it feels great to be 32!! Sabi ko nga, I am at the best stage of my life. I have work. I have a family. I have the love of my life with me. I have a child. I have my Lord. I have friends. I have my best friends. I am complete.

32. Wow! Happy birthday to me. Every year, it only gets better. I am excited to see what's yet to come. I am excited to learn some more. And I am still excited to discover everything I have yet to offer.

Thank you everyone for your greetings and well wishes. I only have love for all of you.

Remember – HAVE COURAGE, BE KIND. I love you all. Especially you, my dear #ReigningReader. Thank you for being with me. On my virtual home. I welcome you everyday and I share my life with you. And you have welcomed me into yours. And you have been with me. I may not know you personally but please know that I really care for you. And you have my prayers. Mwah!

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