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These past few months, the #FabSkye has been showing signs of independence (diosmio!). She wants to eat on her own, without any help whatsoever. She wants to run on her own. She wants to dress up on her own. And she only wear the stuff she wants to wear.

So almost all of her #OOTBs are styled by her these days. Huhuhuhu! I could no longer claim the credits for her pretty outfit because it’s all her now.

Like her outfit here. It was one weekend and her Tatay joined that Barangay basketball league, the other kids are excited to watch the liga and so is she. She went straight to her closet and looked for the perfect outfit.

I was telling her to wear a simple shorts and top combo. Dyan lang naman kasi sa kanto ang lakad nya, poporma pa? Pero di nagpatinag ang bagets. Pumorma talaga.

She wore her swimsuit, a small red bag (to match her shorts, she says) and pink rubber shoes. I was telling her to wear her red sandals or slip ons but she said, “enough red already”. Hahahaha! San nya kaya nakuha yung idea that you couldn’t wear “too much” of something no? Kaloka!

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But letting her wear whatever she wants to wear is soooo worth it because she would always gamely pose for the camera. For #OOTD and #SnapChat!

Grabe talaga sa bilis ang panahon. Now I have a very talkative child. Hindi mo yan maiisahan. And sobrang makwento. Marunong na din magsumbong so wala ka ng lusot. Nakakatuwa talaga. 

Sometimes I miss my baby but then again, I am excited to do a lot of other stuff with her and I’m excited to see the kind of woman she’ll soon become.

I wanna go to salon and spa with her. I wanna shop with her. I wanna party with her (yun eh kung isasama nya ko no?). I wanna share make ups with her. Stuff that I don’t get to do with Mila.

I’m also excited to send her to school. As early as now, I am already researching for schools. Grabe na pala ngayon mga inays! My gulay. There are progressive schools, Montessori, traditional and international schools. Me ganown?! And these schools are not cheap at all! I have to sell not just my kidney, baka kasama lungs mga inays. Junior Casa palang yun. Ugh! Before, parents only choose between private and public schools. Now, we have to do our research. I called a school over the weekend and I swear! We stayed on the phone for a good 20 minutes. I was just asking basic stuff ha. Not really major major details. Oh my gulay. Pag nalampasan ko to, ishe-share ko how I did it talaga. Ang hirap kasi mag research.

Anyway, I guess that’s all for now. Bow! More chicka soon. Mwah!

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When: 24 April 2016 (Skye @ 26months)
What #FabSkye Wore: Top and Shorts: Sandbox | Shoes: H&M | Bag: gift

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