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I'm not really a fan of online stores back when I was single. I want to try the items and see them in person before actually purchasing one. I also have trust issues. Hahahaha!

But then again motherhood happens. This mum rarely has the time to stroll around the mall. Don't get me wrong, I still frequent malls. But I rarely have the chance to check out the stuff I like. It's usually running after my tot and eating and playing. I can't even visit the cosmetic section because my toddler would usually want to "try" the make up with me. Que horor!

So beauty online stores are my life saver these days! Thank heavens that we have legit and trusted online stores in Manila now.

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And my latest beauty find is definitely on top of my go to online stores now - BeautyMNL!

I've been hearing about BeautyMNL for quite some time now. I would usually see them on google when searching for a specific beauty product. So when our friends from BeautyMNL invited me to be one of their beta testers in exchange of some free credits, I immediately said yes. This is every beauty junkie's dream.

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What I Love:

1. They have a lot, as in A LOT of beauty products. And their products range from the cheap drugstore finds to some kinda expensive ones. They have skin care, tools, make up, hair care. Name it! They have it! Beauty-wise that is. Even some of the stuff that's kinda hard to find, they also have it. I was like a child in the middle of a toy store while browsing their site. I can't choose!!! I want them all.

2. It's so easy to shop. Just the usual, add to cart and check out stuff. The site is very easy to navigate. And is pleasing to the eyes. Don't you hate it when you go online shopping and can't find your way to the items you like? Naku! Believe me. Madaming ganyan. BeautyMNL's site is very easy to navigate. Products are categorized properly and it's so easy to find the one you are looking for. You could even narrow down your searches based on the brand and your budget. So easy!

3. They have complete and comprehensive descriptions of the product. You won't go wondering what a product is because almost all of the information you might need is provided.

4. First hand product review by our co-BeautyMNL shoppers. BeautyMNL encourage their shoppers to provide reviews of the products that they have tried. I also read the reviews of my fellow beauty junkies before getting an item. Iba padin yung personal na review. And it does help me in my shopping.

5. They have blogs, tutorials and product reviews by BeautyMNL beauty gurus and experts. I swear. Aside from browsing thru their vast product line up, I spent a good amount of time reading thru the vlogs and blogs of the other beauty experts. I learned loads. BeautyMNL is definitely every beauty junkie's heaven!

6. Super fast delivery! My order arrived the very next day. Wow! Need I say more?

7. So many payment options. You could pay via credit card, paypal, bank deposit and even cash on delivery!

Really, BeautyMNL has it all for us gorgeous ladies.

And so, if there's one thing I don't like about this site is that... I hate that they have sooo many products that I want and I am not filthy rich to buy it all!!! Yun talaga eh. Yun lang talaga.

So I super highly recommend BeautyMNL. Especially to all of you girls who's as busy as me. Hello fellow mums! Wala ng excuse not to look good kasi BeautyMNL is here already.

Wanna see what's inside my beauty loot? Here you go!

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I'd do a separate review/post for each. But so far, I love them all and you'd definitely see me around BeautyMNL. Probably providing reviews to products I swear by.

How about you, have you tried shopping on BeautyMNL too? Share share!

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