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I love this look on the #FabSkye. She looked very dalaga. And very pretty. She doesn’t have her bangs here yet. I just realized that my baby looked extra cute with her bangs. Kahit na ayaw ng Tatay nya. I was also thinking of cutting her hair, apple cut would’ve looked great on her. But again, her Tatay doesn’t approve.

What is it with Tatays and their crazy penchant for long hairs? I remember my Papa doesn’t want us to cut our hairs too. She wants us to have long hairs in ponytails or braids. So I always had long hair.

But when my sister was born, he went to Saudi Arabia for 5 years to work. Ayun. My sister is always on short hair. Ang cute cute. Ako lagi mukhang matanda because I have long hair and specs. Ugh!

Now our Tatay wants our #FabSkye to have long hair too. Eh ang init diba? Ewan ko bakit trip nya!! Kaasar talaga.

Anyway, how are you mums? How’s your Meralco bill? I shared some Kuryente Tipid Tips last year, just in case you wanna visit again for refresher. Hahaha!

Grabe the heat these days. Our AC unit has been working overtime once again. We have it on almost 24/7. Just the other night, I tried not to turn it on. Sabi ko medyo bearable naman ang init so electric fan nalang muna sana.

But the #FabSkye woke up at around 1AM. She sat and looked at me.

Me: What is it anak? Go back to sleep.
Skye: (still looking at me)
Me: What is it? You want maman? Go back to sleep. I have work tomorrow.
Skye: Nanay? Init! Hot! Ey-kon pwiiisssss.. (she said it with her very sweet voice and really pleading)

OMG! Di ako naka-galaw talaga. I realized that my daughter was having second thoughts on requesting to turn the AC on. Naiintindihan na kaya nya yung pagrereklamo ko sa bill? My poor, poor daughter.

Ayan kasi, tipid pa Nanay!

Gosh. I have a big daughter na talaga. Imagine? She could now request for AC. Hahahah! But seriously, I love having conversations with her. Alam mo yung parang matanda na kausap ko. And she’s really very smart and talkative. (ehem!) She would usually tell me how her day was. Everytime I’d call home while at the office, she would talk to me via phone and would tell me stuff. Like if she’s playing with Enchang (her teddy bear). Or if she’s playing with Kuya. And she would tell me if she had Jollibee or if she wants Jollibee.

I brought her with us during our company summer outing and I love how my officemates adore her. She’s not a picky eater. She’s very friendly. And she’s really adorable. Her Ninang also witness first-hand how disciplined she is. One of her Ninangs even commented that she’s a very low-maintenance child. Which is true. Just let her play. She’d run inside the room. She’d get her iPad if she wants to watch “Monsters”. She’d ask for biscuit if she’s hungry. We didn’t even have to bring extra toys or floaters or whatever. Very low maintenance. And she listens when she’s told. Very disciplined. If I say no, she’ll stop whatever it is. And she doesn’t whine. Which common to toddlers nowadays. I’m just so glad that I’m raising her well

I’m really very proud of my toddler. I feel so blessed just having her.

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baby-girl-fashion-white-skirt-top-sm-kids-fabskye (3)

When: 16 January 2016 (Skye @ 22 months)
What #FabSkye Wore: Top and White Skirt: SM Kids Fashion | Ballet Flats: Suki Kids

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