Congrats Tatay!

Our family’s not the traditional type..

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I work. Our Tatay goes to school and takes care of the baby. We are not yet married but we are living together.

Our timeline is messed up too. We had Skye 2 years ago. Then Tatay just graduated last March. And now we are slowly putting things in perspective.

A lot don’t understand why we’re doing this. Yes. Our ReigningTatay could just continue with his business and never mind school and provide for us. Pero ayaw namin nun. Ayaw nya nun. Gusto nyang may diploma syang ipagmamalaki sa anak nya. He said, paano nya nga naman pipilitin ang anak nya mag aral kung sya mismo hindi nakatapos?

But it works for us. On days when I can’t take care of our daughter, I am at ease because her Tatay is by her side. On days when our Tatay is busy with school, he’s at ease because I am there for him and our family’s there to help with take care of the baby too.

It’s a huge achievement for our family when our Tatay finally graduated last March. Yaaaay! Degree holder na daw sya. :)

And so we made sure that we celebrated. It’s just a simple dinner with his side of the family. Skye and I didn’t attend his graduation ceremony because it’s hot and it’s an open ground. But we made sure that we get to celebrate the happy occasion.

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I seldom say this but I am really, really glad that I have this man by my side. I don’t think anybody else could cope up with my crazy. Sabi ko nga, kilala ako talaga ni Lord. Binigyan nya ko ng lalaking may mahabang mahabang pasensya.

And our Tatay loves Skye with all his heart. Ang swerte ko kasi wala syang hindi gagawin para sa anak nya.

So to our Tatay, congratulations again. Your girls are very, very proud of you!!

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