Review: BM21, A Ballet Concert (Ballet Manila)

BM21 – A Ballet Concert is Ballet Manila’s finale offering for their 20th season. What a great way to end a successful season indeed. I was able to catch REBEL last month and I’m looking forward to their 21st season line up already.

First of all, let me clarify this, I am not an expert in Ballet and I will not try to act like one. This is actually my 2nd time to watch a full-length ballet show and my first ever ballet concert. So yeah, I’m a novice on this whole ballet concert thing. But what you’ll read is from someone who knows how to appreciate dance and see it as an art.

Here we go.

Artistic Director and Prima Ballerina - Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, handpicked the shows that was included in this concert. According to their website, Ballet Manila is the only company in the Philippines trained in the Russian Vaganova method. A little googling skills and they gave me this description:
The Vaganova method is a ballet technique and training system devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova (1879–1951). It fuses elements of traditional French style from the romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique. The training system is designed to involve the whole body in every movement, with equal attention paid to the upper body, legs and feet. Vaganova believed that this approach increases consciousness of the body, thus creating a harmony of movement and greater expressive range. [source: Wikipedia]
That’s why I think this whole concert showcases the best of the best of Ballet Manila for the past 20 years.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (6)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (4)

The show started with The Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere. It’s a classical style of the female corps de ballet, moving in perfect harmony and synchrony. I love the beautiful ballerinas in classic white tutus and synchronized movements. They say that this is one of the ultimate test for classical ballerinas.

The beautiful ladies in perfect grace made me wish that the #FabSkye would love ballet too. They look pretty and graceful. That’s one of the things I love in ballet. They make every movement seem like a feather floating the air. Such grace. Such beauty.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (7)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (5)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (3)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (2)

Second part of the concert, and is hands down my favorite - Bloom by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (9)

Male dancers in white pants and gorgeous body showcasing their contemporary an hip movements? What’s not to love in Bloom? Honestly, I love this one because of the passion it seems to radiate. Male dancers moving in harmony while showing so much masculinity and grace. This is really, orgasm in dance. Add the wonderful play and effects of the lighting and it is indeed a beautiful art in dance form.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (13)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (12)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (11)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (10)

The finale is Carmen by Eric V. Cruz featuring The Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. Carmen is a dramatic dance. Story telling on toes. Something Lisa is very good at. You could really feel the power of the movements and the drama.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (16)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (20)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (19)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (18)

Lisa Macuja is stunning. The show is beautiful. You would definitely smile and laugh. You would feel the passion, the anger, the lust. Wonderfully executed indeed.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (22)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (21)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (17)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (1)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (29)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (28)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (27)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (26)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (25)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (24)BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (23)

Overall it was a great night of dance and beauty. To say that I enjoyed was an understatement. 

Although it is a one night only show, you could definitely check out and wait for Ballet Manila’s 21st season offering. Visit for details of their upcoming shows. Maybe I’d bump into you on one of them.

They also offer summer class for kids 3 and up. What best way to learn ballet than from Lisa Macuja herself?

Next year, I will definitely enroll the #FabSkye. I hope she’ll love it. I was actually thinking of enrolling her on Creative Movement for Toddlers class for kids 2-3, but I think she’s too young. Maybe I would. I’d let you know if I did.

BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (15)
BM21-Ballet-Concert-Manila-ReigningStill (14)
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