Me Time

Hello, guys. Yep. Still alive here. Just dropping by to say hello. I wasn't able to blog much lately. Life is taking its toll on me. Extra busy. Extra tired. My toddler was sapping out all the energy in me.

She also has a knack for rough play lately. As in yung Wrestle Mania levels. What I don't understand is WHY?! Why me? Why is she not doing it to her Tatay? Why me? Why me?!!! Paki-explain. K. Tnx. Bye.

Anyway, last Monday I took a well-deserved ME TIME. It was a Philippine holiday and I took the opportunity to visit a nearby spa and had my nails done. I had a mani-pedi+massage. I felt so rejuvenated. I was really happy.

I had a mani-pedi a day before one of my bestfriend's tied the knot last month. And I had a gel polish then. I realized that gel polish are so worth it so I said I'll give it another go. Promise worth it sya. Ang tibay ng gel polish. Kahit maglaba ka andun pa din. I'm addicted to them.

Inisip ko, I should make it a monthly thingy. I mean, just once a month I'd drop by the spa and pamper myself. Ang babaw ko lang naman coz I just really need a mani-pedi and a massage. Yun lang. The other stuff, I do it myself. Or I don't do it at all. Like footspa.

Actually, I've pampering myself a lot lately. I bought a couple of clothes. Indulge myself on make ups. Iba kasi eh. I really think I am a better mum now that I feel better about myself. I feel prettier. I feel happier. I feel a whole lot better.

So mums, totoo yung payo nila that you really should not forget to take care of yourself even if you're a mum. You just have to set aside a little time for yourself. If you think a spa time is "expensive", you can just simply grab a book or maybe your phone for iflix downloads, grab a tea and indulge. Kahit 2 hours lang every week or every 2 weeks. Balato nyo na sa sarili nyo yun. You just have to breathe.

By the way, we just had our family shoot last weekend. And I can't wait to share some pictures!!!

That'll be all. Bye bye! Have a great week ahead my ReigningReaders. :) I love you all.

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