Althea Korea is Coming to the Philippines on February 15!!!

You all know that I am now beefing up my make up stash.

I did a major make up Konmari a few months before I gave birth because I thought make ups are no longer me. Well, it turned out as a good decision because I am totally not my old make up anymore.

I now fancy subtlety over colors. I love nudes. Classics. Although red lipsticks will always be my favorite. And maybe a little pink.

Also, I am so much into skin care now. I guess being 30 would do that to you. And being a mum too. I don’t wanna look old. I want to take care of my skin and I want my make up to help me take care of my skin. That’s why I love Korean make ups. I am so much into Korean make up these days. They are really great on the face. They make me look healthy.

So when I got the chance to be one of Althea Korea’s beta blogger testers, with some free credits to use for shopping, I was so ecstatic.

althea-korea-reigningstill (4)

Althea Korea is a popular K-Beauty shopping site that ships internationally from Korea to Malaysia, Singapore and then now, Philippines!

And when I say K-Beauty shopping site, I mean they have all of the best Korean cosmetic brands all in one site. They have Banila Co., Laniege, Tony Moly, Etude House, etc. Some of them are already available in the Philippine market but they also carry some brands that we can’t find here.

Browsing on their site is like browsing on cosmetic heaven. They have make ups, skin care, everything!

Shopping is also easy. Just the usual add to cart, check out, pay and wait. :) They will ship your items straight from Korea.

Shipping is fast and reliable too. Once you have completed your order, Althea will send an email confirming your order. Then they would send another email once your order has been shipped. All in all, I only waited for 4 days for my pink parcel.

althea-korea-reigningstill (5)althea-korea-reigningstill (6)

This baby was waiting for me on a Monday morning at my desk (had it shipped on my office address). They offer free shipping for orders over 1500php and 30 days unconditional returns.

althea-korea-reigningstill (7)

My order is on this cute pink box. Very sturdy, so my make ups are all well-protected.

althea-korea-reigningstill (1)althea-korea-reigningstill (2)

This is how it looks inside. My make ups on bubble wrap lying on pink soft papers. So posh.

And so you are probably wondering what I got?

althea-korea-reigningstill (3)

A CC cream, a cushion base make up and my dual corrector/concealer tube. And I love them all!!! I have been raving about these products on my IG (@reigningstill) for the past week. I just can’t shush about it. I love my w-honey beam cushion and my concealer. I have yet to try the CC cream but I love Banila Co. in general so I am confident that I’d love this one as well.

Here are some of my IG posts:

A photo posted by Celerhina Aubrey (@reigningstill) on

I am really in love with my Korean make up haul! I will post an individual review soon.

And because I love you all my ReigningReaders, I have a good news!!! Althea Korea will be available for everyone on February 15!!! Yeps! Grand launch is on the 15th right after Valentine. And they have loads and loads of surprises for y’all.

You got it right! Buy 1 Take 1 (!!!). Free shipping. Zero deals (!!!!). 50% off. My gosh!!!

And I’m telling you, they really offer super cheap prices. When I was Beta testing it, I noticed that their price is so much lower than other online stores. So yey!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely, definitely excited. I can’t wait to hoard my favorite Korean cosmetics.

There’s something to look forward to on a Monday next week. I am pretty sure there are a lot of girls smiling on Monday. Tag me when you got your pink box!!! Let’s compare loots, shall we?!!

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