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Skye's turning two next month. Yep. Terrible twos. Now I know why they call it such. Coz your life would really turn topsy turvy.

It's chaotic. Tiresome. Terrible two means not sleeping early because she still wants to play. It means mornings with your daughter shouting "Wake up! Elsa, wake up!". It means not being able to enjoy malling because of the constant running after a snitch who would climb, crawl, run on every little nook at the mall. It means endless replays of Frozen. It means singing to Let It Go, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman and Micky Mouse Clubhouse all day long. It means messy rooms. With clays and crayons and books on the bed and on the floor. It means study time at night. It means shouting every effin' colour you'll see around you. It means counting 1 to 10 while climbing up or down the stairs. It means allowing her to climb the stairs on her own. Never mind that it'll take her 10 million years to climb it.

My life now revolves on homeschooling. Soon I'll post her little corner here at home. We're just polishing some stuff but right now it's already her corner. We got her a table with 2 chairs. Some toy bins. And her Micky Mouse Clubhouse mat is on place. Every night we would "study". Simple colors. Simple object identification. She loves it. She loves study time. I just hope she'll grow up loving it some more. I don't push her to "study". Actually, study time is like a play time for her. She enjoys it because we make it fun. And I don't care if she's not getting everything correctly (although most of the time she does), all I know is that we enjoy it. It's our little moment together. It was so much fun for us.

Actually, here's a video of one of our homeschooling session. You'll see how giddy she is. I hope she'll keep that enthusiasm.

But really, life with an almost two year old is not easy for this stressed mum. Work is kinda taking its toll on me. I have deadlines to meet. I am adjusting to my new role. I am working hard for this. But I know my daughter needs me.

This homeschooling thing is not easy. I have to read up a lot of articles about it. I have to ask homeschooling mums. It's great that I have homeschooling mum friends that I met through this blog. They are my blessing. I wanna do this the right way. I wanna invest my time and effort because I want the best for my daughter.

I am not sure if we could really keep up with this. Well, more like, I am not sure if I could keep up with this. My daughter is a fast learner. That video was taken on our second day of formal "study time". We got her Buribox on the weekend and we tried it Sunday or Monday night. On our second day, as you would have noticed on the video, she already mastered 2 of the books from our lot. TWO! Two out of the 4 books we got. On our second day. Hahahaha!

Last weekend I got her more books. I found some Dr. Seuss books at Books For Less and when she saw it, she was beyond giddy. She kept on shouting "Oh My God!" while opening the books and "reading" through it.

Haaaaaaayyy! I will blog about Buribox soon. I just have to search my hard drive for the pictures I took when we received it. I think I lost it. Hoping not. Keeping my fingers crossed. Because honestly, I wanna share it with you all. Buribox is awesome!!!!!! For sure your kids would love it.

Have great day my dear #ReigningReaders!!! I love you all.

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