Happy 2nd Birthday My Baby Love!


Whoah! Time flies so fast. Just like that, you’re already two. Two years of bliss. Two years of crazy. Two years of baby smell. Two years of sleeplessness. Two years of love. Love I never thought I am capable of.

Thank you darling for being you. Thank you for changing my life in the most meaningful way. Thank you for making me proud every day.

Before you, I have always doubted myself. But now, with you, I have proven again and again that a mother’s heart knows no boundaries. A mother’s heart could always overcome every difficulty.

You are two. You are an endless ball of energy. You talk non stop. You run non stop. Sometimes, Nanay and Tatay can’t keep up. But I promise we will always try. No matter how tired we are or how shitty our day was, we will always try to play with you. We will always try to watch with you with gusto.We will always try to sing with you and maybe dance too. I promise anak we will try. But there are days when we just can’t, please always remember that it doesn’t mean we love you any less. It just means, you have humans as parents and there are days when no matter how hard we tried, we simply failed. And I will no longer feel so bad about it. I will simply love you more next time.

Continue making us proud darling. Keep that energy. Keep that innocence. Enjoy your childhood. And I promise to be here every step of the way.

Happy happy birthday my baby love! Enjoy your party later. :)

** Photo by Dar Calado of Frames Perfect Studios.

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