Our Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival Experience at the Kia Theater

The #FabSkye is a huge Minnie Mouse fan (obvious ba na kasama si Minnie sa halos lahat ng #OOTB nya?). And she adores Mickey Mouse Club House. So when I heard that Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is happening here in Manila, I knew that we just had to go.

And so last Wednesday, 02 September, Skye and I went to Kia Theater in Cubao and watched the highly anticipated show.

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Kia Theater

Kia Theater is the old New Frontier Theater. They renovated the place and turned it into this posh and uber-modern theater right across Gateway. They are still fixing some parts of the building but the nice lobby, wide double doors, posh staircase and well-dressed staff would definitely make you feel that you are indeed on a top-notch place. The theater is wide and grand. It can house 2000++ seats with elevated stage and great audio and lights.

Our Disney Live Experience

To say that my baby had a blast is an understatement. She was practically ecstatic.

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Here she is pre-event, munching on some biscuits to power up for all the dancing she did during the show. The moment Mickey and Minnie showed up on the stage, her face lit up and she danced with them. She dancing up and down aisle. Her eyes are glued to the stage. And she was VERY VERY HAPPY.

Present is Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck. They opened the show with some kick-ass dancing that surely made the kids giddy and excited.

Disney-Live-Manila (5)

The show was also very interactive as the entire crew talked to crowd, made them shout, sing and dance. These 4 really know how to “host” a concert. Skye was very responsive too. She would shout with the rest of the kids, she would danced and sing.


Disney-Live-Manila (6)

Then Alladin’s Genie made an entrance and played with the crew. After that, it was time to showcase Alladin.

Disney-Live-Manila (15)Disney-Live-Manila (10)Disney-Live-Manila (9)Disney-Live-Manila (8)Disney-Live-Manila (7)

Alladin and Genie sang and danced. The #FabSkye is not that familiar with Alladin yet but she found Genie and the handsome Alladin fascinating. She also loved the colorful setup and is dancing merrily on every tune.

Disney-Live-Manila (13)Disney-Live-Manila (12)

Of course, the super sexy Princess Jasmine made an appearance and together with Alladin they sang A Whole New World. There are lights, cloud effects and the beautiful song. My baby who loves songs in general was mesmerized. Actually, I was sooo kilig the entire time they were singing. Panahon ko yun eh!

Disney-Live-Manila (14)

The Little Mermaid

After Alladin, it was time to showcase The Little Mermaid.

Disney-Live-Manila (16)Can you guess who’s inside the shell?
Disney-Live-Manila (17)

Sebastian made an entrance and introduced the entire Little Mermaid act.

Disney-Live-Manila (18)

Sebastian and Ariel’s older sisters sang and danced on Daughters of Tritan and Single Ladies. It was a refreshing twist to the very familiar show. That’s what I love about this show actually, that they feature the classics but still injected some new twist to make it modern. I am a big Little Mermaid fan and it’s really refreshing to watch Sebastian and Ariel’s sisters dance to Single Ladies. What a treat.

Disney-Live-Manila (21)

Also present are Prince Eric, Ariel and Ursula. They sang the classics Kiss The Girl, Part of Your World and Under The Sea. I really, really love The Little Mermaid and I was smiling the entire time. The #FabSkye was also mesmerized especially on Ariel’s signature hum. Her eyes are glued to the stage with all the under the sea background. So charming.

Toy Story

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Bull’s Eye we’re also present. They danced and sang and played on the stage. There’s a meteor shower scene where they throw the “meteors” to the audience. Skye wants to run after the “meteors”. Hahahaha! It was so hilarious.

Disney-Live-Manila (28)Disney-Live-Manila (27)Disney-Live-Manila (26)Disney-Live-Manila (25)
Disney-Live-Manila (23)Disney-Live-Manila (22)

Then all of the cast went back on stage and did the final act.

Disney-Live-Manila (29)Disney-Live-Manila (33)Disney-Live-Manila (32)Disney-Live-Manila (34)
Disney-Live-Manila (35)Disney-Live-Manila (1)

Seeing all of my Disney favorites in one stage is a treat on its own. I had a grand time and I’m so glad that the baby and I was able to catch it.

Do not miss this show mums. Give your little kids a treat and bring them to see Disney. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. That wide smile of daughter while we were watching the showing was priceless. And the way her face would lit up every time I’d show her the pictures from that night. Her happy face while telling her Lola what happened on the show. I am so glad we watched.

Wanna catch it too? Here are the details of the show:

Thank you so much Mommy Blogger Philippines and the Araneta Group for this wonderful and memorable experience. And congratulations to the Disney Live cast and crew for the wonderful show.

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