Stronghand Shooting Range Experience

Being first-time parents is no joke. While most of the time, us parents tend to focus our attention more on our children, building our relationship with our husband is much more important.

I believe that raising our kids on a happy and loving family is a key factor on their development. And so the ReigningTatay and I do our best to keep our love burning.

One of the stuff we usually do is make sure we have constant "dates". It may be a quick run to the grocery, or doing house chores together - it doesn't matter as long as we have a few moments all by ourselves.

But now that the baby's a bit older and we could already leave her to the nanny from time to time, I vowed to have more meaningful dates. By meaningful, i mean, dates that we both would enjoy and is memorable.

Usually, date nights are just plain movie date followed by simple dinner. But I want something new. Something I know my husband would love. And so I brought him to Stronghand Shooting Range.

Stronghand Shooting Range experience.

I've been wondring how it feels to fire a real gun. My late Lolo own a gun and I have several uncles whos in the military so I am familiar with guns. But I haven't fired a real one ever. And I have to be very honest with you, I’m afraid to do it.

But the thing is, I know that this is the perfect date activity because I'm sure my husband would love it. And while I am not giddy on trying it, this is something I really want to try. Having my husband give me a you-can-do-it-look surely helped a lot.

Stronghand Shooting Range experience.

Before our actual shooting, we first had a basic gun firing lecture with Sir Alfred. I really suggest that for first timers, you take this lecture. We discussed basic gun handling and safety. I really love Sir Alfred. He thought us the art and the science behind gun shooting. I learned loads! Plus I love that lecture is safety-centric. He would give us tips on what to do during certain situations. How to make sure that the gun we are holding is safe. And some other techniques on proper shooting like the proper way to hold a gun and the right stance.

Stronghand Shooting Range experience.

Before heading to the shooting area, we we’re given a firing kit – a pistol, eye gear, ear muffs, a target, 2 magazines and 20 bullets.

Stronghand Shooting Range experience.

During the shooting proper, we fired 10 bullets on the 5 meter distance and another 10 bullets on the 10 meter distance.

I must admit that my heart was pounding during the first 2minutes. I closed by eyes when first fired the gun. So I didn’t hit the target properly. Haha! But having my husband there made the experience a lot better. On the 2nd try I was okay already. And I enjoyed shooting after that.

Stronghand Shooting Range experience.

Sir Alfred said that women in general are better in shooting because of our calm reflexes. So I guess I just have to be calmer on our next visit!

So now you are probably wondering why we opted for Stronghand Shooting Range?

First, because they offer lecture as well as shooting. I don’t wanna go to the shooting range and just fire away. It made me feel a lot better when we had a short lecture.

Second, and this is really important, because they are toxic-free. They use non-toxic bullets. And for someone with allergic rhinitis and is also breastfeeding, this is very very important. I guess they are the first in our country that offers toxic-free range.

Third, because they are clean and safe. There are a lot of shooting assistants inside. Their range is very safe. Lockers are provided for us to store our belongings. The restroom is clean too.

Really perfect!
For ladies, visit them on Wednesdays to get a 50% off during their Ladies Shoot Wednesday promo.
We are now planning our next visit!! Yay!

STRONGHAND Shooting Range La Defense Bldg.
1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City, Philippines, 1111
Mon – Sat (10AM – 7PM)
Sun – (10AM – 5PM)
Holidays – Call +632.721.7174

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