✔ How To Prevent Infant UTI

I am very particular with anything that touches my baby’s bum and privates.

I have a baby girl, and we all know that girls are generally more prone to UTI because our genitals are more open. So I am always on the look out. When it comes to my baby, I always believe that prevention is better than cure. And because I’ve been hearing a lot of infant UTI cases now, I am sharing some tips on…

  1. Change your baby’s diaper every 3-4 hours. Full or not. Do not rely on the wetness indicator and please do not think it’s sayang. I know that most disposables would tell us that they can last up to 12hours but please, do not allow your baby’s bum and privates to get kulob for 12hours. Change every 3-4 hours. I would usually allow Skye’s diapers to stay up to 6hrs at night because I know she doesn’t wiwi until around 4AM. So basically, her diaper is dry until that time. But I still change after 6 hours just to make sure that she’s always on fresh diapers.
  2. Switch to cloth diapers. If you can't do the first tip then this is the next best thing. And it's also because I know that it’ll be very difficult for me to insist on Mila that she has to change the #FabSkye’s diaper every 3-4hours kahit walang laman, I switched to cloth diapers and use only 1 insert. Nanghihinayang kasi sya sa diaper. But since we are using cloth diapers now, they are forced to change her nappy every 3-4hours else it’ll leak. Wais!
  3. Wash you baby’s clothes thoroughly and do not use fabric conditioner. I am very specific on this. Since we are using cloth diapers, I am very particular on how they wash them. It should be rinsed properly. No fabric conditioner.
  4. Keep your baby hydrated. Give your kid lots of water and fresh fruit juices. It is very important. Or breastfeed often if your baby is less than 6months old.
  5. Do not give your baby sweets and salty food. Do not allow her to eat lots of sweets and salty food. Give your baby nutritious snacks instead.
  6. Wash their genitals properly. Use warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Also wash their bums often and immediately after pooping. Do not allow the poop to “rest” on the diaper. Make sure you also wash them every diaper change.
  7. Have presko time. Every morning, I would usually remove the baby’s diaper and make her wear panties for presko time. It is important that we allow their privates to “breathe”.
  8. Do not put powder on the pwet and singit. Talc could go to their privates and cause UTI. Just pat them dry. No need to use powder.
  9. Use gentle baby wipes. I recommend Organic Baby Wipes, because well, it’s organic. It’s probably the gentlest wipes in the market today. Using baby wipes with strong chemicals could lead to UTI. So make sure that you only use the mildest.

There you go. Those are some of my tips. The stuff I make sure we follow to prevent UTI. Of course I am not saying that this would 100% guarantee that your baby would be UTI-free but as I’ve said, prevention is better cure.

Here are some of the symptoms of infant UTI, so you would know when to go see your pedia.
  1. Fever.
  2. Difficulty peeing or is showing signs of irritation while peeing.
  3. Odd-smelling urine.
  4. Cloudy or bloody urine.
  5. Vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite might also happen.
If you see these signs on your baby, go and bring her to the hospital to have her urine tested and so she could get proper medication.

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