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I love dressing up my baby. Especially now that she’s a bit older. Though taking her pictures lately is a nightmare. Imagine having to follow around a little snitch (hello, Harry Potter fans!). She just zoom around like it was nothing. Crazy, crazy.

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Though this stage of my baby’s life is extra tiresome, I am loving all the kulit she does now. She’s just so smart and so charming. Put her at the center of a party and she’d definitely charm her way out. Everybody adores her. With her smile and her wit. At 15 months she already knows how to handle people.

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I think one of the main reasons why she’s like that is because she was exposed to people at a very young age. I would bring her to events and would allow her to socialize. I also discourage too much TV time and encourage actual play. I would also allow her to play with other kids. She would run around with them.

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I am not a perfect mother but I am trying my best. I also make sure that I have enough time for her despite being a working mum. I am a hands on mum. I am proud to say that despite being enslaved by the corporate world, I know my priorities. My daughter would go to me if she’s hurt or afraid. Not to the yaya or to the lola. I know every single thing that my daughter does. I know her favorites. I know her antics. I call her when I’m at work and would ask for complete reports. I know how many time she pooped that day. I would check her cloth diapers. I would check her bum at night for rashes. I would smell her kilikili and her head. I try to make up for all the lost times by being with her when we are together.

And every time I hear people say “ang galing ng anak mo”, I just feel elated. Parang nasa Cloud9. I love my job, yes. Because it brings food to the table. But at the end of the day, I work for my child. So no matter what they say, my child will always be my priority.

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Sometimes it saddens me to see that our world is unfair to mothers. You will be judged not by how much productive you are but by how much time you spend at the office. You will be judged because you prioritize your kid more than your job. Some people don’t understand that our kids would always come first. And to be honest, pag may sakit ang anak ko, wala akong kwenta sa trabaho.

I’ve been hearing a lot of rants from fellow mums lately. Ang sakit isipin na we live in a world like this. Sobrang unfair to the mothers. That we live in a world where they don’t understand where we are coming from. I just wish the world would empathize more to the flight of the working mums.

Oh well. Someday. Maybe one day.

For now, look at my baby’s video.

    I am the happiest!!!

When: 18 April 2015
Where: SM City Manila
What: Peppermint Dress | H&M Rubber Shoes | Department Store Headband

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