Let's #PlayForReal!

I am proud to say that I’m one of the few mums who believes in Real Play. We have a no TV rule here at home (which my own mother sometimes fail to follow and is only applicable when I'm not at home). The #FabSkye is also not very much attached to the iPad or to our phones. She only use my iPad and our mobile phones in taking selfies. Ganun kasi nya kami madalas nakikita. We take selfies using the phone or the iPad. Or sometimes video. :)

But overall, I want the #FabSkye to play. As in real play. She has a basket-full of toys. She has dolls and plush toys. She has a couple of books that she could pretend to read. The ReigningTatay would usually wrestle her. She loves riding on her Tatay’s back. She loves tickle time. We would usually allow her to go out of the house to play with the other kids. She would run after them. Laugh with them.

Bath time is also play time. She has a couple of rubber duckies. And she would usually take a bath with Liv now.

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We would usually play during bath time. We would sing. We would pray Angel of God. I would allow her to hold the tabo and pretend to give Liv a bath. Our favorite part on staycations is definitely the bath tub time. I would bring my bubble bath and we’d play with all the bubbles. So much fun.

I believe that in this age of technology, it is important for our babies, toddlers and kids to have real play. It does not only make them happy, it also helps on their physical, mental, psychological and social development.

A lot of my fellow mums would commend Skye’s walk. They would tell me that my daughter’s walk is firm and solid. Matatag daw, mukhang hindi madadapa. And because sanay sya makipaglaro, she’s very good with other kids. She doesn’t hurt them. She loves and adores babies actually. She’s very imaginative also. I could see it with the way she plays with her doll. She would feed them. Make them dede. She would sing them a lullaby at night. Hug them to sleep. And tickle them too! She could also talk now. Her vocabulary is very wide because she’s conversing with us adults.

I really believe that it is very important to #PlayForReal.

So when our friends from Johnson&Johnson’s and Ogilvy sent us this box of Sensory Tool Kit, I was very happy.

Johnsons-Play-For-Real (6)Johnsons-Play-For-Real (1) Johnsons-Play-For-Real (7) 
Aside from our beloved Johnson&Johnson’s products, it also came with a small play book. Showing us how we could use the items on this box to create something for our kids that we could use while playing. Crayons made of soap. Paint. Pretend bubbles. Ang saya! I’m very excited to try them out with the baby. She actually loves the little pebbles included on this kit. I would usually put it on her tub as she takes a bath so she could hold it and play with it. Of course, with full adult supervision.

If you wanna learn more about how you can do sensory play at home or in your school, visit the official Johnson&Johnson’s FB page. Let’s all make a big difference to our kid’s lives.

P.S.: This does not mean that I despise anything tech or that I believe that they bad for the kids but I have a 15month old daughter who, in my own opinion, is too young for tech. I allow her to watch TV sometimes. But always with me or Tatay, so I could watch with her and we'd play together while watching. Still maintaining a personal interaction so she won't be focused on the TV.

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