#WackyStill: Episode 11

Hello everyone. :) I was not able to go to work today. :( I woke up with a wonky tummy. I drank meds immediately (lowest possible dosage though coz you know, I’m breastfeeding). Hoping it’ll go away. But it didn’t. Until around early evening. Now I’m kinda okay. Hoping it’ll be better tomorrow coz I have an event to attend.

Anyway, I was prepping some photos of the #FabSkye when I saw this. Hehehe! Perfect #WackyStill entry!

My darling little girl loves making faces now. Super adorable. She could instantly brighten up our day. Kaya lang she’s also very malikot now. As in her toys are always scattered on the floor. It’s like walking on a booby trap every day. Nakakalokang tunay.

Wanna see her kalat?

Anong meron sa sulok anak at trip na trip mo? #FabSkye #FabSkyeKulit #toddlerlife

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Ang eksena sa bahay gabi gabi. Mas makalat mas masaya. #FabSkye #FabSkyeKulit #toddlerlife

A photo posted by Celerhina Aubrey (@reigningstill) on

Yan lang naman. Maayos pa yan. Coz her toys are all on one side. Image those toys scattered around the house and on the bed. Crazy life with a toddler. Really. But I’m not complaining. I’m loving this new stage. This new craziness. I’m savoring every moment. All precious moments.

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