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Here’s another #FabSkye #OOTB for y’all. :) I still have a couple of baby outfit shots here in my hard drive that I’m itching to share with you. This is one of my favorite dress for Skye. This lavender tutu dress looks so perfect on her. I love how we could make her stand on photo shoots now. Though she still wants to hold on to something.

Yah know what? Skye could already stand up on her own. I saw her do it several times already. Specially if she’s not aware she’s actually doing it. But once she realizes that she’s not holding on to something, she panics and fall. Oh well. I need to make her believe that she can. And remove all her worries. But for now, I’m just so glad that she’d always want to hold my hand. Anywhere, everywhere.

Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (8)Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (7)Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (5)Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (3)Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (6)Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (2)Baby-Fashion-Lavander-Dress (1)

When: 20 February 2015
Where: Home
What: Lavander Tutu Dress with Thin Belt: Pepppermint | Rose Gold Ballet Flats: H&M | Headband: Random

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