Hello, everyone! Miss me? It’s still chaotic here at the ReigningHome because of the renovations. We’re fixing the entire second floor and renovated our small room to make it more kid-friendly. The expenses are sky-high. The clutter are unbelievable. Major inconvenience. But everything is worth it. We now have a PINK room! And a more kid-friendly stair. And the closets are hanging. The electrical wiring are adjusted too – they are now out of any kid’s reach. Gosh! It’ true. A child could really change your life. When we had this house renovated 7yrs ago, we don’t care if the stair is a bit steep. We’d rather have electrical outlets and switches that are within our reach (tamad kasi!). Closets must be big and could hold all our kalat. But now, every little detail are well-thought of. Electrical outlets and switches must be out of kid-reach. Let’s put hanging closets to free up the floor space so the kid could have a bigger area to play on to. Let’s remove the bed! Yes! Remove the bed and sleep Japanese-style because the baby fell off the bed thrice already! Hahahaha! And the last time, I was actually on the bed side, para hindi nga sya mahulog. Kaso ang batang makulit, tumawid! I was sleeping then. I just woke up to find a baby lying on the floor. Crazy. Crazy.
We’re already on the last leg of the renovations. Just finishing the other hanging closets. And the wiring. I can’t wait for it to finish because honestly, my pockets are crying! You are probably wondering why I even invested in renovating my folk’s house instead of getting a place for ourselves? Well to tell you the truth, as much as I want to get our place so I could be “queen of the household”, I think it’s not yet time. The main reason is Skye. I don’t want to get our own place, get a yaya and entrust my child’s safety and well-being on someone I don’t know. With all the yaya-horror stories out there? I just can’t. I won’t be able to work well knowing that my child is on the hands of someone I don’t know, let alone trust.
I’m just glad that Mila, despite being busy with BoiBoi is so much willing to take care of Skye. And that I live in a compound with most of my relatives. Madaming napag iiwanan kay Skye. So basically, hindi mahirap. And that is something I can’t let go. So yeah! I think we’ll be staying with my folks for now. Until manalo ako sa lotto and afford ko ng bumili ng duplex. Hahahaha!
Anyway, this is just me saying a quick Hi! To let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking. Will go back to regular programming soon. For now, here’s a sneak peek of the latest #FabSkye #OOTB.

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