#WackyStill: Episode 9 and #FabSkye #OOTB in Blue Polka Dot

Hello, everybody!! How are you all doing? Last week was crazy. I was not feeling well since Tuesday night. Fever. Muscle pain. Headache. Backache. The works. And then Thursday night, Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit. A first since I gave birth last year. With her is the worst dysmenorrhea EVER. Basically, I’m super not feeling well. Until now. And we are still fixing the house. Just the touches. Deciding where to put the clothes, the pictures. Throwing the thousand pounds worth of trash. Gosh.

Anyway, I am here to blog about the #FabSkye’s latest sartorial adventure nga pala. As usual, dumaldal na naman ako. Oooookay!

baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (13)

This is the baby wearing an old dress (blogged about it here). This dress fits 0-3month babies. And up until now, she could still wear it. Astig! It actually looks better now because its shorter and hugs her body better. Hihihi!

baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (12)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (11)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (10)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (1)Blue Polka Dot Dress: First Impressions | Hair Clip: Gingersnaps | Socks: Darlington | Shoes: Enfant

I was laughing my pants off while prepping this set of pics. Crazy crazy. The baby’s expressions are priceless. And everything was caught by the cam. I was supposed to do a separate post for the #WackyStill photos but what the heck! I’ll just do a mash up this time. Enjoy!

baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (5)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (9)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (8)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (7)

Boring na ba ang photoshoot anak??

baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (6)baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (4)


baby-fashion-polkadot-blue (3) 

Nyahahahaha!! Epic finale pic diba?!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys.

Much love.




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