My baby girl turned 1 last Saturday!

We had a small birthday salubong dinner with our family. Then on the day itself we had a very intimate celebration/staycation with my bestfriends and Tatay’s bestfriends. And then just today, we had a small merienda treat here at work for all her Tita’s and Tito’s and Ninang’s. :) 3 celebrations! All so much fun! And most of all, we celebrated with the ones closest to our hearts and the #FabSkye’s heart.

I am so #blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Her birthday celebration/staycation is a labor of love c/o her Ninangs. We didn’t have a fancy party but we had the best party. Full of yummy treats and chocolate fondue. The best desserts. Some pizza, pasta, chicken and mojos. Amazing decors too.

Best of all is that the baby had a blast. She had fun playing with her Ninongs and Ninangs. The Ninongs and Ninangs had so much fun playing with her and feeding her and making her kulit. We spent the best times over good food and wonderful people. And over My Amnesia Girl re-runs on Cinema One.

More than the baby’s birthday itself, her turning one is our celebration too. Me and Reigning Tatay has been parents for one amazing year. Yes, most of the time we bite each other’s neck off. But still we’re together. That is an achievement by itself. Haha! And our baby is amazing. Smart. Happy.

People kept on telling me that we should celebrate the 1st birthday in a bongga way. For the baby, they say. But come to think of it. Nope. It’s not for the baby. Most of the time, babies hate parties. They hate the craziness. They hate the loud music. They hate the clowns. I think 1st birthdays are for the parents. Because the 1st year of being parents are crazy. Surviving it is worthy of any bongga celebration. We celebrated ours with the people closest to our heart. My besfriends, who has been my pilar of strength and who’s seen me grow from a crazy, happy-go-lucky girl to a mum. When I finally decided to let go of the big party idea, I know in my heart that whatever happens, I will celebrate with this bunch. Sila lang ang importante. They have to be there. Kasi I swear! Loka loka na ako ngayon if not because of them. And I know they love my daughter more than anything else.

Then the ReigningTatay went to the hotel around dinner and celebrated with ReigningTatay over some drinks. The way boys celebrate. I let them be! Anyway, ReigningTatay had a tough year too.

I also made sure we had a very small merienda treat here at work. With some of her Ninangs and Titos and Titas. They have been with us since pregnancy. They have taken care of me eversince. They love my baby soooo much. Again, I want to make sure that they feel our love too.

Next year, the #FabSkye would be a bit big. She’d probably tell me if she wants Frozen themed party. Or if she wants to celebrate in Jollibee. But one thing is for sure. We will ALWAYS celebrate every birthday. I will make sure that every birthday is full of love. I don’t want her to think that only the 1st, 7th and 18th birthdays are worth celebrating. Every year should be celebrated. Because she’s a wonderful wonderful blessing.

Happy happy birthday #FabSkye! And congratulations to me and the ReigningTatay!! Now, we’re on the toddler years. Goodluck sa habulan, sa kulitan. Sa tantrums.

Ang saya!!!

I’ll blog about our amazing but super limited edition birthday party soon. Our house is under renovation. Prepping the house and trying to make it kid-friendly. :) So I’m having a hard time blogging.

Have a great week ahead. Excited ako umuwi sa aming new PINK room! Yay!




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