Yay for Better Blogging!

Today is a happy happy day. Well, aside from the very high spirits we are all having because of the presence of our dear Pope, I have another reason to celebrate.

I got a new

Yay!!! A new and better laptop for me now. Double yey! I am super happy. And I got it really cheap. Well, I only bought a laptop with lower specs. Just right for what I need. And I also opted for a smaller and thinner and lighter one. So I could easily carry it around. But still, promise I got a super duper okay deal. Cheapest. I should know, ginalugad ko ang lahat ng malls sa Manila eh. Plus a freebie pa! Kaloka nga. Blessing sya.

I was actually eyeing another model. It’s nice. Better processor, touch screen, robot-like. Cute. But then I remembered that we should always choose the more humble purchase. So eto, I got the model for half the price of what I was eyeing. So far masaya padin ako. Actually, masayang masaya ako. I realized I don’t need a super laptop because I only use this laptop for blogging. Yun lang talaga. And editing pictures. Dapat talaga we should think of the things we buy. Simple and cheap ones could make you really happy.

Finally I could blog all I want. Medyo limited kasi yung pwede ko i-blog using my office laptop. Sssshhh.. I am not supposed to use it actually for personal use. Kaya lang I love you guys kaya I used it. Hihihih.. Sorry boss! :-) But now, more more pictures and I could share na the events I attended last month. So watch out for that. Super inspired to blog ng bongga now.

So anyway, how’s your long weekend? I am so busy watching TV. Grabe ano? The Pope is really something. Parang he was able to bring out the best in everyone. His presence is truly a blessing. I hope you are as inspired as I am now to be a better Christian. To be a better person. God bless you all!




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