Pinky and Kissy

Well, since Nanay misses her fashion blog posts so much – allow me to help her. Here’s another #OOTB for all of you. Atleast, you still gotta see fashion here. Baby fashion, that is.

Baby Girl Fashion

So this is what I wore one weekend when I went to the mall with Nanay and Tatay. I’m all pink! I love pink actually. Well, Nanay wants to buy me dresses on other colors too but it seems like all the pretty dresses are in pink. Hahaha!

Baby Girl Fashion

My cutie pink top here is actually a dress. My Ninang Joie’s baby shower gift to me. It’s for babies 0-3months but I do still wear it as a top. So nice right? :)

Baby Girl FashionBaby Girl FashionBaby Girl FashionPink Top (Baby Dress): St. Patrick’s | Leggings: Baby Couture | Chucks: F&X | Headband: Baby Company

And please say hi to my friend – Kissy! :) She could sing, although we can’t understand the lyrics but she could sing when you press her hand. I love her so much!

And I love this look on me. And Nanay too! It’s very simple and very baby. And most of all, Nanay got to maximize the dress. Harhar!




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