#WackyStill: Episode 8

I was not supposed to post this #OOTB because the baby looked ridiculous but, well, I am posting this because mukha syang pulubing koreana! Nyahahaha! I don’t know why cupcake decided on that get up but I swear, it cracks me up when I saw her.


Yellow kung yellow te!! Nyahahaha! She was 8months old then hence the chubbier cheeks. She’s wearing a yellow onesie, gifted to her by her Tita Tet, the bonnet we got from Marcela, leg warmer to protect her legs from insect bites and her cutie shoes.

IMG_1649-horzYellow Bonnet: Marcela | Onesie: Baby Company | Leg Warmers: Darlington | Shoes: Landmark

Honestly, it’s just one of those crazy outfit choices of Mila. And she was even very proud of what she did. Oh my G! I hope the #FabSkye won’t get mad at me when she sees this in the future. Oh well darling, you look fab here. You look fab no matter what you wear. So don’t worry. But still, you are a funny looking fab baby. Harhar!

How’s your week so far my loves? Crazy? Tired? I can’t wait for this week to end. I miss the long weekends already. When is the net holiday again??!!!




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