Looking at the Brighter Side of Life

Hello world! :) How’s your Monday my loves? Mine is a bit crazy. Already very busy with stuff. Though I’m so sad coz some of my plans didn’t really materialize because of some people who just don’t value other’s sacrifices and such. But nevertheless, I am fine. I am happy.

Last December, I posted something about seeing the good in every situation. Positive thinking baga. Here in this post, I realized that I’m being super nega so I vowed to spread positivity in every aspect of my life. So far, more than a month after that post, I am still trying my very best. It’s not easy. I swear it’s not. But I noticed that my life became so much better, so much happier, now that I’m choosing to be positive.


Like that time my daughter was hospitalized, for the third time, last January because of pneumonia. I was so worried. I was so sad. I kept on asking myself what I did wrong. I was with my baby and she fell ill. I feel so irresponsible. Am I being too overprotective? Am I not protecting her enough? I feel so bad that she had to ensure 4 IV insertions. But then again, I realized that I have so much to be thankful of.

(1) That I followed my mother’s instinct and had my baby checked by her pedia. I was not supposed to. I was advised by everyone here at home at it’s just a minor cough. Halak lang daw. They are right because the baby’s not coughing her lungs out. Minsan minsan ubo lang. But I was more bothered by the halak I felt on her back. I know it’s something else and I was right.

(2) That the baby was treated ASAP. Did you know that pneumonia is one of the top causes of infant mortality? Yes. No joke. I have friend who’s nephew died because of pneumonia. The baby was 4 months old. Not coughing. Minor colds. No fever even. But when he had seizures, and was brought to the nearby hospital, it was already too late. I thank the Lord so much for giving me a clear head and telling me to have my baby checked. So she was treated ASAP before all the complications arise.

(3) That the baby is still active and happy despite the IV. She didn’t even cry the first time a pedia attempted to insert an IV to her. She only cried on the 2nd to 4th attempts. But after it was secured and everything, she was back to being a happy baby. I am soooo lucky.

I think happiness really depends on how you view things. Like some people would tell me that my baby is sakitin when in fact she isn’t. Yes. She’s still not sakitin because all of us in this household, with the exception of Mila, are all hikain. I watched how Mila spends sleepless night taking care of my hikain brother. Almost every week at the doctor. And it’s the norm because asthma runs in the family. That’s why I am pushing with breastfeeding. Sabi nila it reduces the risk for asthma. And I can really say now that it’s true. Mas malakas pa baga sa akin ng anak ko. Thank God and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

2015 is my year of changes. Of improving myself. Of trying to be a better person. I’m starting with this. I want my daughter to grow up on a positive environment. On a happy family. So there.




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