The Pope Francis Fever

It has been more than a week since the Pope’s visit but I’m still affected by The Pope Francis Fever. Crazy. Crazy.

I actually wasn’t able to see him in person. But still, I was glued to the television most of the time. And honestly, I was sooo proud of how behaved the Pinoys are. Grabe! That short stint of the Pope here made me realize that this country still has hope. Kasi kaya naman pala natin mag-behave. We can be disciplined. We know how to follow rules. And we are a nation willing to come together and be united on one goal – to see the Pope and ensure his safety.

Pope Francis is really something. I dunno. I grew up knowing only one Pope and that’s Saint John Paul II. I love JPII so much. I have always loved him and believed that he is the greatest Pope ever until Francis came. I just can’t believe how much charisma the guy has. Sabi ko nga sa bestfriend ko, ewan ko anong meron kay Pope Francis at napapasunod ka nya. He was able to renew the faith of the millions of Filipinos. He was able to make us think of our actions. He came up with this resolutions for 2015 and I’m actually trying very hard to follow it. And everytime I’d do something against the teaching and examples of this Pope, I feel guilty. Sabi ko nga, ewan ko din bakit ako takot na takot i-disobey sya eh hindi nya naman ako nakikita. He doesn’t even know me. But I really feel bad if I do something bad.

And I remember my brother. He was part of the human barricade for the Pope. So on the Pope’s 2nd day here, my brother saw him. And he was telling Mila – “Ganun pala yun Mama no? Pag nakita mo ang Pope, parang ang saya saya mo na nakakaiyak. Parang ang gaan-gaan ng pakiramdam.” And my brother is not religious. He is young. I always thought he wants to see the Pope just because it’s uso and he wants to chismis. And that he’d go home and tell us that the Pope is so white or that he waved on him. Or some funny nonsense stories. But no. He was able to feel the presence of the holy spirit. He was always saying how touched he is. So there’s really something on this guy.

Me? I’m not super religious but I have a strong faith and I have a strong connection to the Lord and Our Virgin of Guadalupe to whom I always ask for prayers. But Francis made me think of my ways and made me want to try to be a better Christian.

Here are some of my favorite Pope Francis quotes:

Look at that awesome smile. :) Here he was telling us how important it is to spend time with our kids. With our family. He’s main teaching are really for us to go back to basics. To stop wasting time on the gadgets and really speak to your child. To stop working too hard and start playing with you kids more.

And this quote is an excerpt of his speech in Tacloban. I love how honest this Pope is. He admitted that he don’t know what to say. Eh wala eh. Hindi nya alam.After hearing and seeing the devastation that is Yolanda, all he can do is keep silence. And assure us that the Lord would know what to say to us.

But this scene made me cry. I swear. When that kid cried in front of the Pope and asked him why do the children has to suffer (oh eto nga naalala ko palang naiiyak na naman ako), I just can’t help but cry too. I feel the child’s pain. The innocence of the question. The determination to find an answer. And the Pope said, there is no answer.

Grabe. There are loads of realizations. A lot. And I hope this Pope Francis fever would burn in my heart forever.




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