The Greenery (Baliwag, Bulacan)

On the last weekend of September, Nestle and Nuffnang invited us for a fun Day Away at The Greenery, Bulacan. It really was a fun Day Away. The ReigningTatay, #FabSkye and I sure had loads of fun.

I just can’t get over the fact that there’s a place as beautiful as The Greenery in Bulacan. It’s like, the paradise is just 2 hours away from the Metro! Whoah!

I am told that this is a favorite wedding venue. Naku naman! Hindi nakakapagtaka yun. The place is really romantic and breathtakingly gorgeous. Perfect for intimate weddings.

I checked out their website and they offer overnight stays at an affordable price. We really should visit it soon. Just the infinity pool is to die for!

Sayang lang I was not able to really roam around the place. It was scorching hot when we went there and I have a baby with me so we just stayed on one of the cottages. Okay na okay actually. Coz it’s so relaxing.

Here are some of my photos at The Greenery.

the-greenery-reigningstill-fabskyeP1070124 reigningstill-nestle-fruit-selection-yogurt reigningtatay-the-greenery the-greenery the-greenery-01 the-greenery-02 the-greenery-03 the-greenery-04 the-greenery-common-hall (2) 

Ganda no? It’s just one part of the place. There’s a farmhouse pa and the lighthouse and alot more! Go ahead and check out their website. :)


  1. ang ganda!


  2. Grabe 'yung infinity pool, parang unlimited ang haba! =)) Ang ganda! :)

  3. Waaaah, eto pala yung nakita ko sa IG posts ng mga bloggers a few weeks ago. Yung makukulay na pavillions/gazebos (?) at light house...parang nasa ibang bansa ba talaga ng peg? Effort sa pagpunta pero kung ganito naman kaganda, why not? :)


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