Happy 8! <3


Our #FabSkye’s  already 8 month old! Crazy! 4 more months and we’ll officially have a toddler in the house.

You are growing up too fast my darling. Nanay can’t keep up.

As much as I am happy with your new antics and playfulness, I miss those times when you were so small. So fragile. When all you do is sleep and smile. Now you’re so KULIT already. You laugh out loud. Madalas madungis ka na pagkatapos mong gawing basahan ang damit mo habang gumagapang. And you chew on everything! Sophie, the diaper, your pillows, your toys, Nanay’s bag, Nanay’s shirt, Tatay’s shorts – yung totoo anak? Tuta ka ba? Joke lang! :-D

This month’s cake is a Bumble Bee because that’s your Halloween costume, that I plan to make you wear everyday para masulit natin anak. Medyo mahal kasi. :-D

i know I should’ve been a Pinterest mum and DIY your costume but I don’t have the time and the skill so you’d have to make do of a ready-made costume. Pasensya ka na anak. Hindi talaga ako SuperMum eh!

I even ordered food and had it delivered on your bday. A first. Let’s allow Tatay to rest this month okay? He’s been cooking your handa every month. Wala nga kasing mapapala kay Nanay pagdating sa lutuan. Again, I should’ve been a typical Mummy Blogger who posts recipes but I can’t because I can’t cook. Sorry! That’s why I can’t leave your Tatay. He’ll make sure you are well-fed. Thank heavens for Tatay’s who love to cook.

8 months of craziness and happiness. You are our greatest blessing my darling. #FabSkye

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But know that I love you my darling. :) From here to the moon and back. You just don’t know how you make me happy. You make me crazy happy Bebe Lala. Thank you. :) You are and will always be my greatest blessing. Kahit na maarte ka na ngayon!


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