Top 10 Signs There is a Baby n’ da House


Living with a baby in the house is uber fun! Crazy fun actually. And while I’m in the loo minding my own business while listening to my crazy family having fun with my baby, I just can’t help but realize how much our household changed since the baby came.

Ibang iba na. The vibe. The smell. The sound of our house screams “BABY!”. So I was inspired to come up with my list of


10. The house felt a hundred times smaller. It’s like, everything is cramped. What used to be the nook for shoes is now a stroller parking space so the shoes are scattered on the stairs and the hallway (naks! Maka-hallway naman ako.). There’s a huge crib in the room so no space left to sit. You know, the usual.

9. The fridge and freezer are full of breastmilk stash and baby food. And everybody could actually identify them and know to handle them properly. *fist pump*

8. Your Meralco bill is crazy high. Just crazy, pain in the butt high. I don’t wanna be reminded so let’s move on.

7. There are 2 types of laundry detergent and dish washing liquid in the supplies cabinet. One for the baby and one for the rest of the family. You also wash them separately. Double the fun!

6. It is normal to see one family member topless like half the time. Of course, there’s always a baby attached to the boob.

5. It Bulaga!, A Line, Apir! – are sooo much fun. Especially if the baby decided to demonstrate her new skills on a brown out day – its soooo much fun. No one will ever notice its dark and that you can’t connect to the internet.

4. It is normal to tip toe or open a bedroom door as noiselessly as possible. Because you wouldn’t know if a baby is asleep.

3. BabyTV and Disney Junior are the default TV channels. As in when you turn on the TV, it’s either on Baby TV or Disney. And of course, you know every show, every song and dance moves and every character. Things that you are totally clueless just last year. What telenovela? What Cinema One? What Lifestyle Network?

2. Everybody’s LSS is either Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Hockey Pockey. It’s normal to hear family members sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Hockey Pockey at random. AND actually know the lyrics.

1. There is too much laughter in the house. Your mornings are filled with baby giggles and toothless grin. And sloppy wet kisses. Just too much laughter. Too much happiness. Walang mainit ang ulo.


Who can relate?! We have a 7month old (turning 8 tomorrow) who makes our household crazy happy. And I love it. :)


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