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Crazy, crazy week! And I am not feeling well. Isang linggo akong inaantok, fyi. Hindi pa makabawi. Glad I’ll have an event-free weekend! YES! I’ll sleep and sleep and sleep. Oh yeah! I’ll squeeze in some blogging too.

How’s your Halloween? What are your costumes?! My #FabSkye would blog about her costume very soon and her Trick or Treat experience. Iba pala ang meaning ng Halloween pag Nanay na no? I am sooooo excited! September palang tumitingin na ko ng Costume pegs. Hihihi! :)

We can’t go to the cemetery to visit our departed relatives tomorrow. The #FabSkye’s just 8 months, too young for cemeteries. So we’d just pray for the souls of our departed loved ones at home.

Anyway, have I told you that this year is my “Improving the blog” year? Yep! My main goal is to improve my blog for my reader’s viewing pleasure.

You see, I’ve been blogging for the longest time – almost 10 years. I’m actually blogging for myself and because it’s my outlet. It’s something I love to do. Like reading books, blogging allows me to connect to a greater audience. Before, there are just a handful of us bloggers. But fast forward to 2014, blogging boomed into something more powerful and big. It never occurred to me that my past time would become something so influential. Being a blogger now is like having super powers. The more you reach to a greater audience, the more powerful you become. And one must ensure that you take care of that power. Hence my decision to improve my blog’s quality. Nakakahiya naman na may maligaw sa blog ko tapos ang crappy ng experience nila. It’s a reflection of my personality. And it’s something I want to improve.

I started with changing the blog’s layout into something more easy to the eyes. Removed some clutter and made the blog’s over all look crisp and clean. Made some adjustments so you, my readers, could easily navigate through the blog. Naubos ang aking I.T. skills sa aking new layout pero keri lang. I love how it turned out.

Now, I am trying to improve my blog photos. I got myself a cute micro 4/3 cam last year – kaya napatunayan kong wala na sa camera ang problema nasa photographer na. hihihihi!

Photos in a blog is extremely important. Ang ganda nga ng layout ko, ang labo naman ng pictures. Sakit din sa mata. I am actually reading some online tutorials for basic photography and some tips on post processing. Here’s one of my finished product after trying out some tips online:


Loads better, right?! But I know I needed to take it a a whole notch more so I decided to join The Basic Photography Tips and Tricks for Bloggers workshop by Bloggers ng Pinas.


When: Nov 8 Saturday, 1PM - 5PM
Venue: Fully Booked (1-4PM) and OTKB (4PM), Bonifacio High Street, The Fort
Affordable Fee: P350
Registration is until November 5, 2014 (Wednesday)
What to bring: camera (slr/dslr/point n shoot/smartphone)

I am so excited to learn much about photography and improve my blog’s photos. You can still join this workshop if you want. I am actually bringing the ReigningTatay with me para naman may maayos din akong picture. Madaya eh! Pag sila ni Skye ang ayos ng pictures pero mga pictures ko, waley! Kaya kelangan nya to! Hahahahaha!

Head over here to register, now na! Don’t miss this chance.

There you go. Wish me luck on this “Improving the Blog” project. Anyway, I want the #FabSkye to read this blog in the future and feel very proud of her Nanay. :)

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  1. Yey! You're going too! See you there and I'll bring Hubs too. Muntik na ko hindi makasama sa workshop kasi nakalimutan ko magbayad. Buti may extension. Haha! Would you bring #FabSkye? I'm thinking of bringing Mila kaso baka hassle eh


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