5 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

Well, I realized that I’m being uberly nega lately. Must be the lack of sleep! If you’ve been reading me for quite some time now, you’re probably aware that I’m the type of girl who says what’s on her mind. Kaya madalas napagkakamalan akong impakta. So to shoo away the nega vibes, I’m posting the 5 small things that are currently making me happy. Just the small, random things okay? So I won’t put family, the baby, etc. etc. anymore coz those are given! I think it’s perfect to just appreciate always the small, random things.


5. Nips Peanuts! We just had our company’s trick or treat, at madaming natirang candies. :) I got all the Nips Peanuts on the box and now I’m munching on them. I love nuts and chocolates so I’m all happy.

4. I learned to maximize the photo editor application I have on my laptop. Because I’ve been reading and reading, I realized that the photo editor I’ve been using since forever is actually great. I has loads of features that I haven’t used because I don’t know what they are. Now I’m practicing and trying out different stuff, hopefully you’d see better photos from now on.

3. The baby’s fast asleep. So I am free to do blogging and editing some photos. You’ll read sensible posts soon!

2. My Caronia green nail polish. Last Blogapalooza, I received 3 nail polish from Caronia, and I am now officially inlove with the green one. Lakas makaputi ng kamay!

1. It’s the weekend! Sleep! Hallelujah! Sleep. Need I say more?


How about you guys? Share naman the things that are making you happy. :) Kahit hindi 5. Harhar! :)

Happy weekend!

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  1. I super love weekends! That's why I have "Weekend Stories" as part of the menu on my blog. Stay happy, sis! :)


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