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Hello! Hello! Missed me? Yep. I’m just dropping by to say a quick hello and to let you all know that I am still alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic! :-D
I had a crazy weekend hence the lack of blog post. Busy and crazy. I’ll give you a rundown of how my weekend went as posted on my Instagram account (@reigningstill) plus a little bit of chismis here and there, just so you could get updated on this mummy’s crazy life. Let’s all pretend you actually care. Harhar!
Saturday was spent learning all about pasta, the Al Dente way, with my bestfriend and the #FabSkye - who’s my official plus one these days. I am now getting used to using my micro 4/3 cam one handed and the iPhone with a timer. Lahat Ninja Moves. Kaloka! Thank heavens I have the bestfriend with us. Aleast medyo nakapahinga ang braso ko. :)

I am so excited to share with you guys the things I learned at the Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta event. :) I was never the domestic goddess but I got excited to try cooking some pasta for the ReigningTatay and the #FabSkye. :) Look at this yummy pasta dish that Chef Michel of The Blackboard cooked for us. Grabe! Olive oil lang yan pero masasapak mo kabit ni Jason Abalos sa Two Wives sa sarap. Hihihi!
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And on Sunday morning, we all went to Tita Tetay’s office for some Trick or Treat. The #FabSkye and her Mummy Chubby went with Tita Tetay on their office while Nanay and Tatay wait for them downstairs. Ibang level diba? Nahiram pa ang bata para maki-TrickOrTreat. :) Sya na sikat!

After that we went to SMX Convention Center to check out the Jollibee event but it was already packed with kids and parents so we decided to just leave. I think older kids could enjoy more on that event. Not for my 8 month old, me thinks.
On our way out, Mummy Chubby saw a familiar face – Ms. Sam Lewis! Nagpa-picture si Mummy Chubby sa girlfriend ng all time crush nya at si Ms. Sam naman ay nagpa-picture kay #FabSkye. Harhar! Super kinilig ako especially when Ms. Sam Lewis posted their picture on her own Instagram account.
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Oh diba?! That’s an international model! My little bee is on the IG page of Enchong Dee’s girlfriend. Grabe lang!
But on Sunday night, nagsimula ng sipunin at ubuhin ang #FabSkye. :’(
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I wasn’t able to sleep at all because I’m so worried and paranoid. Remember her pneumonia incident when she’s just 5weeks old? Ayoko na maulit yun. And this is her first ubo and sipon after that. So I’m really worried. The next day, on ReigningTatay’s birthday no less, we went to see her pedia.

I wasn’t able to go to work for 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) because the baby just won’t let me go. She’s still very active and happy and playful but she wants me by her her side all the time. I’m so glad I’m a breastfeeding Mummy. I’m nursing her all the time! And she was able to recover faster.
Oh well. I’m just glad she’s all okay now. Though I still have to catch up on my sleep. So I’m blogging now coz I really don’t know when I’ll find the time to blog again. Hopefully over the weekend. :-D Too many things to share with you, too little time. But I will catch up. Pinky promise.
How about you guys? Musta ang week nyo?! Bukas Trick or Treat naman dito sa office. Excited akooooo!


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