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I have an extremely active baby. My DQT is a big proof that this mummy’s having a hard time handling my little KULIT. So imagine our nappy changing time? To think that Skye HATES nappy-changing time since forever. Habulan galore talaga kami ngayon with matching crying scene, ala-telenovela. It’s pandemonium to the highest level. Sakit sa bangs! So most of the time, especially if it’s Mila who’s changing her nappy, we end up having ill-fitted diapers. Lawlaw or tabingi. Crazy!

So imagine my happiness when I discovered Huggies® Dry Pants.Huggies-Dry-Pants_NOSIZEmain-banner_03

Huggies® Dry Pants is designed for the playful, active baby because its all-around elastic waistband and tear-away side seams make for an easy on and easy off without the hassles of tape, whether he’s wiggling, squirming, moving about. It  also ensures a snug fit each time, while providing long-lasting dryness! (Lifted from the Huggies® Official website.)

Swak na swak sa aking #FabSkye!!

With Huggies® Dry Pantseasy-palit system, we could make nappy-changing time more fun. Less iyak. More play time. One happy mummy here. And one happier baby there. Hallelujah!

And because I love you my dear readers, I’ll help you experience the hassle-free, easy-peasy diaper changing time that Huggies® Dry Pants offer. Just visit Huggies®’ Facebook page here to get your FREE SAMPLES of Huggies® Dry Pants or click the image below.



I’m not yet done!

Because Huggies® is feeling a bit more galante, they are offering one year supply of Huggies® Dry Pants to a lucky kulit baby. All you have to do is show off your babies’ kulit moves on a video while wearing Huggies® Dry Pants. Click on the image below to know more about this promo!

Huggies Step Up Dance Showdown


AND for all you mummy bloggers out there, Huggies® partnered with Nuffnang for a contest especially for us. Click on the image below to know the full mechanics of the contest.



Oh diba? Ang saya saya! :)

Pero syempre papahuli ba naman ako? I already joined and here’s my darling Skye’s kulit video!


Hahahaha! Never mind my voice at the background. Ganyan talaga pag stage mum! :)

I love Huggies®! So snug. A great fit. And very easy to put on. I can even change Skye’s nappy while she’s breastfeeding!

So what are you waiting for? I-video na ang mga kakulitan ng mga bagets and join the Huggies® promo. You can also leave a link of your babies’ videos on the comment below so I could see it and <3 it on IG! :) And don’t forget to like my #FabSkye’s video as well.

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