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I joined Blogapalooza for the first time last October 11. Actually, I just heard of it from other bloggers so I decided to give it a try.

As per WhenInManila, it was supposed to be an event where bloggers and brands can talk business. I wanna join so I could expand my network – meet fellow bloggers and hopefully work on some brands that I truly believe in as a Social Media Rockstar.

I asked the bestfriend to join too. I’m super clueless on this Blogapalooza thingy, and so is she. So I begged for her to join me, at least may karamay ako. I’m such a true friend no?!!

So while waiting in line, I made friends to the girl in front of me. Kulot ang hair, naka one shouldered top, kikay skirt – naku! In my head I was like, magkakasundo kami neto. And we did. I am so glad that I was able to meet a blogger friend as early as registration. I can’t believe that she’s also a new mum – to twins! Tapos payat sya. Breastfeeding daw kasi. I told her, hindi nakuha ng katawan ko ang memo na dapat pumayat pag breastfeeding mummy. Badtrip!


This is Neri of Nheng’s Wonderland. My new found bestfriend at the Blogapalooza. Clueless din like me (yep, 3 clueless bloggers including my bestfriend). And this is US after winning the Pinoy Henyo on one of the booths.


The event is packed with celebrities. But I was only able to have my picture taken with Divine Lee when Neri said HI! to her and bf Victor. Akala ko close sila kung maka-HI! Kaloka to si Neri. But anyway, Divine Lee is soo tall and really pretty and very nice. She even said tarush ang pink camera ko. Baklang bakla! I love her!

Upon registration, we were handed an ID with our name and blog URL plus a loot bag.

blogapalooza (2)

Gosh! It’s offish. I’m at the Blogapalooza!! :)

So yeah, I didn’t expect anything really. Our first few minutes was spent looking at the booths and asking what are we supposed to do. But I came there armed. I had my business card with me because, well if you want to do business, you should have a business card so they can reach you right?

Some booths asked us to register or drop our business cards on the fish bowl in exchange for some loots. Okay, I really should be honest here – I love the loots! Who doesn’t want freebies right? But as I’ve said, I went there for business. I went there expecting to know some brands, for the brands to actually want to know me so we could work together in the near future. While some brands/booths did just that – introduced their product, tell us what they do, asked what our blogs are all about, gave us some samples of their products or GCs or anything related to their brand. And I love them. Will blog about them actually really soon.

But there are brands/booths who doesn’t seem to understand what Blogapalooza is all about. That they are supposed to “sell” their brand to us bloggers so we could help them spread the word. Some just asked us to register and we were shooed away after handing some pens or keychains or whatever small token that’s totally not related to their brand. Errr.. What am I supposed to write about you then?

Though all in all it was fun! I had a great time actually. Too bad we had to leave early. Neri has another event scheduled that day, the bestfriend is too tired and I need to go home early for the baby. Sayang dahil ang dami pading ganap until closing time. Raffles. Giveaways. Games. Oh well. Promise next year I’d really stay longer!

Here are some of the brands I was able to meet during the event:

1. ACER Smart Phone


I’m an Acer Laptop user. And I could really swear on its reliability and durability. I’m still happy with Blue Ice’s services after 3 years. But I haven’t tried their Smart Phones yet. Although it looks amazing (based on their trial phones on the booth), plus relatively cheap. 

2. NIU by Vikings


This is my favorite booth. We we’re given free taste test of their best dishes at Niu and a tour of the newly opened buffet haven. This deserves a separate blog post. So watch out for that.

3. My Shopping Box


Are you a shoppingera? Do you want to buy from your favorite online stores but can’t because you don’t have a US address? This is the answer to your dilemma. My Shopping Box could give you a US address and would deliver your items on a much lower shipping fee. This is a must to all you shoppingeras out there!

4. Ace Hotel and Spa


So this is something I already know. I’ve blogged about them here and here and here. I loved my stay at Ace Hotel and Spa, and apparently they’ve expanded. They now have KTVs and a fine dining resto. Visit Ace Hotel & Suites here to more about them.

5. Chips Ahoy!


Free taste test of Chip Ahoy’s Ice Cream Creations are available at the event. I loved the Mint Chocolate Chip and the Root Beer Float. I went back for another serving of both. This is perfect for us who wants some twist on the good ol’ chocolate chip cookies.

6. Flawless


There’s a long line at the Flawless booth. Apparently, they have this game – Pop-A-Zit, where you are supposed to pop the balloons to win a price. I was able to pop 1 and went home with Day and Night Creams from Flawless. I gave both creams to my brother. We’ll see what happens to his face after using it for several weeks.

7. Henry’s Professional


I’ve first heard of Henry’s thru my friend Joie. This store in Quiapo is known for selling anything camera-related at much lower price. All this time I thought there’s only 1 Henry’s branch but apprently not. They have other branches as well and is expanding. For sure, if you have photo enthusiast friends, they know Henry’s.

8. House of Lasagna


Been hearing a lot of positive raves about House of Lasagna but I haven’t tried it yet. Alam mo na, Nanay! So I got so excited when I saw their booth there and we we’re able to try it out. Aba! They are not lying when they say that they serve the best lasagna in town. :) Can’t wait to dine there with the ReigningTatay.

9. Imagine Nation

Imagine Nation set up this cute hot air balloon for photo ops. Of course hindi ko pinalampas nagpa-picture ako agad. Harhar! 

10. Krispy Kreme


Krispy Kreme people offers make-your-own-donut booth. Well, I didn’t take a picture of my masterpiece kasi masyadong artistic baka hindi nyo ma-gets. Harhar! But if you have kids, I’m sure Krispy Kreme’s paandar would be a big hit.

11. Sample Room


Sample room has the daintiest and the prettiest booth. I want a dresser exactly like that on my future home! But with a bigger mirror. :) Again I’ll have a separate post for Sample Room so watch out for that.

12. Zing Rewards


Zing is like an advantage card and they tied up with loads of brands for their reward system. Checked out their roster of brands and it looks promising. They also have a Minute-To-Win-It game on their booth. I joined the balance your Christmas Balls game but didn’t go for the 2nd round. Na-haggard ako sa 1st game eh. Hindi na kaya ng puso ko ang 2nd round. Neri tried 2 games though. Ang galing!

13. Victoria Court


There’s a little Spin-A-Wheel game on the Victoria Court’s booth. I got a discount card from them which I wish to try soon. Ehem! Hello ReigningTatay! Hahahaha! I was hoping my bestfriend could get the gift certificate so they could use it on their baby-making business. Malay mo, iba ang aura ng mga motels. Hihihihi… Anyway, Victoria Court will be hosting a party this coming October 25.

14. Chef’s Noodle

Chef’s Noodle gave us some Maki and drinks as samples of their products on the venue. Aside from that, they also offer a whole range of food on their menu and is open for franchising.

15. Max’s Restaurant


Max’s is also there. We were given a limited edition Gilas Pilipinas tumbler and a chance a to meet Chicky Boy (if I remember it correctly).

16. Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab was also there handing each of us a slice of pizza. Thanks to them I didn’t go hungry. :)

17. Canon

Canon is also there and they have an extra treat for Canon users. Sayang lang hindi ko naman dala yung printer ko. Hihihihi!

18. Look It’s About Me

Tatiana of Look It’s About Me is one of the nicest PR there. She told us what their product is all about – books! When I heard books, she immediately caught my attention. I will definitely get one for Skye really soon. If you wanna check it out, please click on the Looks It’s About Me badge on my sidebar.


Another beauty product. Sign na ata ito para mag ayos na ko ulit, ala-Fashion Blogger. The nice people from Bio Essence gave me a gift certificate which I can use to try them out. Will blog about my experience soon. :)

20. Caronia

Just when I was looking for a blue nail polish, Caronia decided to give me, not just one but three nail polishes from their latest collection. When I went home, nawala na yung isa. Paglingon ko nasa kuko na ni Mila. Will about this one separately as well.


  1. Ang ganda ng introduction ko ditey! He He He. Well sana next year dagdagan pa nila ng products talaga for us moms noh? In fairness na edit mu yung mga pics ha. Maganda naman mga kuha ah. More Blogapalooza to us!


  2. Ang dami ko palang booths na hindi napuntahan. :( Pero sobrang same tayo ng feedback sa ibang "clueless" brands. =))

  3. I enjoyed blogapalooza so much! Only because I met a lot of bloggy friends for the first time. I stayed till it ended kse sayang yung plane ticket LOL I wish next year marami na brands related to cooking. Mas marami kse brands for beauty and lifestyle bloggers this year.

  4. Ang bongga na pala ng Blogapalooza ngayon, may mga celebs na rin at madaming pakulo! I attended the very first Blogapalooza before, sa Top Shelf (5th Floor) ng Fully Booked BGC ang venue at nag-enjoy naman ako kasi medyo madami ako bloggers na kilala that time. :)


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