Staycation: Ace Hotel & Suites

Finally blogging about our Ace Hotel & Suites staycation last May! Yehey!! I am so efficient I know. *pats self at the back*


Anyway, we went there last May because honestly, we all need a break from our busy lives. And since we were all so busy that a decent out of town vacation is not possible, we settled for the next best thing – a Staycation in the metro!

Joie, Jeff, Erlie and I met up at Megamall before heading to Ace Hotel where Jerellt and Gwaps are already waiting. Joie arranged our room accommodation so while she settles everything, we all get ourselves comfy on their lobby.

The lobby was clean and spacious and secured. I love their light fixtures and easy-on-the-eyes marble tiles. I want one for my future house!

They have welcome drinks available (took this photo when we went out that night so no more juices and iced tea on the photo but promise, there we’re loads earlier). The elevator is located right across and I also love the black granite wall.

I love the center table. Smile But I guess those are not child friendly eh?

This is their front desk. They have nice and friendly staffs and efficient as well. They are kinda jam-packed when we went there but we still had a smooth check in. Well, mukha naman hindi na haggard si Joie. Ahihihihihi…

After checking in, we were ushered to our hotel rooms. We wanted to get rooms adjacent to what Jerellt and Gwaps got but there’s only 1 available room on the same floor where they checked in. And so Jeff and Joie had to stay on a room located at the different floor. Pero keribels lang naman. We’re all just one call away anyway.

Erlie and I were roomies that day since we were with lovers. Kami ni Erlie ang mag-jowa. And the moment we entered our room, we were greeted by this…

Nice, fluffy and comfy bed!!! They have the nicest comforters and the fluffiest pillows. I sure had a great sleep. The bed was so comfortable. The mattress is soft but sturdy. And the it smells oh so good. I hate hotel sheets that smells too much of detergent or fabric conditioner. But Ace’s is just right. Smells good but not too strong.

They have a reading nook right beside the ceiling to floor glass window. You can just open the curtains in the morning to get enough sunlight. We also have welcome fruits available on the reading nook and a standing lamp.

They also have a huge cabinet and some hangers. Oh! We overheard on the lobby that a hanger costs Php500. So wag nyong sirain yan! Mahal yan! Hahahahahaha! Inside the spacious wardrobe cabinet is a safe, laundry basket and 2 pairs of slippers.

Right in front of the beds is the wall mounted LCD television to Erlie’s utter delight. She claimed ownership of the remote by the way. Ganyan naman yang bestfriend ko! Bigyan mo ng TV at unan, masaya na sya!!!

Below the television is where they put a water heater with 2 sets of cups plus coffee, sugar, tea and creamer. We also got complimentary bottled water. And part of our package is tadah!! A bottle of red wine!!! Which I immediately put inside the freezer to chill it. Harhar! The mini ref is located on the cabinet below the television where you could also find some basic utensils.

Aside from the bed, this is my favorite part of the room. If Erlie “owned” the television, I “marked” this writing desk as my territory. I immediately set up my laptop here and blogged!! After our dinner at Charlie’s and some card games at Jerellt’s room, I whisked out the red wine and blogged. The joys of blogging with a glass of red wine on your hands. I really wanna go back there!!!

Our bedside table looked like this. With an iPhone dock I tell you. Kaso yung iPhone dock sa room namin was busted. We tried the one in Joie’s room and it’s working naman. We didn’t report it na sa front desk kasi puro Korean songs naman yung nasa iPhone ni Erlie. Teehee!

And of course, underneath the bedside table is a flashlight (easy to reach in case of emergency) and a bible.

And this is the room hallway. The left photo shows a full length mirror (which I so love by the way) and the door to the bathroom while the right photo shows our room door and our wardrobe cabinet on the right.

Of course, one of the first things I really check on hotel rooms are the bathroom. Ace’s may not be as posh as The Peninsula’s but it’s clean and spacious enough.

Inside is a sink with a huge mirror and a hair dryer mounted on the left.

They got the basic toiletries available like small bottles of body wash, shampoo and body lotion. They also have a soap. On that little drawer are shavers, cotton buds, some cottons and those 2 glasses for brushing. I love that it comes in different colors. Usually kasi they’d provide 2 glasses nga pero same na same naman. Hindi mo na alam alin ang iyo at alin ang sa kasama mo!! Hihihihihi! And oh! I need to mention that I love the sink!!! And sashal nya!! San kaya meron neto??

I also love the bathroom tiles! Parang wood pero hindi. Usually kasi, they’d just use white tiles or flowery tiles for the bathroom db? Ang posh pala ng ganitong kulay.

The shower area is enclosed in a glass. Masaya pag may jowa kang kasama. Char! They have a rain shower head and a hand shower. I love rain shower heads. Lakas maka-relax pag naliligo.

But this is that one cute thing on their bathroom – they have a glass panel by the side of the bathroom. So if you’re sitting on the “trono” and the curtain was up, kitang kita ka talaga sa labas while doing your business inside. At first I thought it was made for “lovers” para sa peek-a-boo lovey dovey. But now that I am pregnant and know better, I think this one would be handy if you’re a mother with a child! Syempre, if you need to do your business and have to leave your child un-attended outside (while the baby’s sleeping perharps), you could just open it and voila! All eyes on your child!! Madali mo makikita if nagising or what. Child friendly. I love it! Hahahahahaha!

Overall experience is fabulous! Ace Water Spa is just beyond awesome and very relaxing. Highly recommended to those who wanted some spa with a twist. And of course, they offer the best breakfast buffet in town. We got our room for almost Php6000 good for 2 pax including the breakfast buffet. 4hour pass to the Water Spa. A bottle of red wine. And some awesome service. I think they are worth every penny!


  1. I really want to go back here! =))

  2. reigningstillSeptember 19, 2013

    Me too! Sulit! Sa food palang super sulit naaaaaa...

  3. super nice! need to check this for the future malay mu mapunta din ako jan. Is it affordable?


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